There’s now a real life ‘Up’ hot air balloon and it could be coming to a sky near you

Disney fans listen up! There's now a real-life version of Carl's floating house

There’s now a real life ‘Up’ hot air balloon and it could be coming to a sky near you

Remember 'Up', the amazing Disney Pixar film which followed the life of Carl, an elderly balloon salesman? The film had one of the saddest openings of all time, when Carl was forced to leave the house that he had lived in all his life and move into a care home.

Not one to give up easily, Carl escaped his care home fate by attaching thousands of balloons to his house and simply flying away. Now, Disney fans are beyond excited as a real-life version of Carl's balloon home has been created and is sailing through the sky as we speak!

The ‘Up’ inspired hot air balloon, officially known as Cameron TR-84 and made in Bristol, was the brainchild of pilot Simon Askey for Australia’s 2016 Canberra Balloon Spectacular. One of the biggest and longest running hot air ballooning events in the world, the Canberra Balloon Spectacular sees over 40 balloons take to the Australian skies across nine days. So how was it created? The 'Up' balloon is made up of a whopping 600 mini balloons that have each been painstakingly sewn into the big balloon’s exterior skin, and comes in at an impressive 2379 cubic metres in total. Yikes!

Although the ‘Up’ balloon will be in Australia until the end of the festival on the 20th, the most exciting part is that Simon is making plans to follow in Carl’s footsteps and travel the world in the balloon, which means it could be coming to a sky near you in! And who knows, maybe one day, the balloon can visit Angel Falls itself, the destination that inspired the movie’s Paradise Falls. Now that’s a picture we can’t wait to see.

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Hero image source: THQInsider