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12 last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas for busy women

How to have a romantic Valentine’s Day (when you’ve completely run out of time)

12 last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas for busy women

If you’re in the midst of a last minute Valentine’s Day panic, then fear not. When it comes to true love, it really is the thought that counts. Forget putting on a grand, oyster-fuelled extravaganza and instead try one of these heartfelt romantic gestures (that will take next to no time at all).

A trip down memory lane

Recreate something you did together when you first met. Go back to that coffee shop where you had your second date, rewatch the film you saw at the cinema when you had your first kiss. Just add Champagne and fond memories.

Give the gift of carbs

Take a night off from being healthy and have a comfort food evening where you cook all his favourite foods. Nothing says love like mac ‘n’ cheese.

These are a few of his favourite things

Get a brown paper package (and remember to tie it up with string) and then fill it with a selection of his favourite things, from food to toiletries to that video game he keeps dropping unsubtle hints about. 

The modern day mixtape

Technology killed the cassette, but the mixtape didn’t disappear - it just moved online. Build a Spotify playlist of all your other half's favourite songs, or the tunes that mean something to your relationship (the good news is you can do this on your phone when you have a spare five minutes). 

Personalised book club

Buy a book you know he’ll love and then wrap it up with a note explaining that every month, he will get a new one to enjoy. If your partner travels a lot, they'll love this handpicked reading list (and you only need to buy one book now).

A year of romance

Get a pack of playing cards, punch a hole in the corner of each one and then tie them together with a ribbon. Write down a romantic gesture on each card, one for every week of the year. They can be something as simple as handing over control of the remote for a week... you know, things you would never ordinarily dream of doing.

Renew your wedding vows

If you’re married, write out your wedding vows and describe what each part means to you now, using funny memories from your relationship. Bring Valentine's Day back to being about love instead of expensive presents. 

Buy tickets to something he loves

Buy tickets to a comedy show, gig or event he’ll love. No time to get the tickets delivered? Simply hop on your computer and print off a fake invite. Not only is it quick and easy, but you’ll have a date night to look forward to.

Get your kids to save the day

Get some paint and a piece of paper and have a finger painting afternoon where your children make a picture of your other half, then frame it. They’ll love an afternoon of messy play and he’ll have a heartfelt memento from the family.

Cosy night in

Sometimes the best nights are those spent snuggled up on the sofa. Buy a selection of all his favourite films, or stream them on Netflix and make all his favourite snacks. Candlelight, popcorn, Champagne and Die Hard - perfect.

A boy-quet

Instead of a bunch of roses, buy all his favourite sweets and sellotape them to some wooden dowling sticks. Arrange and wrap your sweets in tissue paper to look like a bouquet. No need to keep in water. 

Three words: Breakfast in bed

Fortunately Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, so let him have a duvet morning while you make up some fresh coffee and a batch of these delicious Dutch baby pancakes. Breakfast in bed has never been so sweet. 

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