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5 paw-sitively perfect gift ideas for your furry Valentine

Valentine's Day ideas for people who love their pets more than any person

By Charlotte Brouwer, 10 February 2017
5 paw-sitively perfect gift ideas for your furry Valentine

You love your pet more than any actual person – there's no denying it. 

After all, your pet is always happy to see you, gives the best cuddles, is always there for you, never leaves the toilet seat up and adores you even if you've put on 10 pounds. It's no wonder we call them a (hu)man's best friend!

So with Valentine's Day fast approaching, show your one true love how much they mean to you, and spoil them rotten with tasty treats, poochy playdates and amazing toys. 

Here are 12 creative ways to say "I wuff you" to your four legged friend. And they call it puppy love... 

1. Throw your pet a party

If you have a dog, why not host a fun dog party for all your friends with dogs? You could set up a home-made agility course, or organise a treasure hunt as part of the day (maybe bury a few bones in the garden and let the dogs sniff them out?). Your pet will love the games and activities, and will also love making new furry friends!

2. Have a dog's day out

Your dog will love nothing more than to spend time with you, and going for a long walk is a great way to spend some quality time with them. Switch up your walking routine and plan a long scenic route in the countryside or along a dog-friendly beach for a fun day out with a little exercise thrown in. Your dog will love discovering all the new smells and sights, and will love playing a game of fetch too. Make a day of it, and don't forget to pack some pretty pink poo bags, treats, a bottle of water and a water bowl, and a toy for some fun. Don’t forget to bring your camera so you can capture the memories for later.

3. Organise a play date

If your dog loves to make new friends, invite a friend and their dog over for an afternoon of fun, or meet some new people in your area – you could sign up to Borrow My Doggy to find out which dogs live nearby, and invite them over for a fun day of games and walks! 

4. Scooby snacks

We all know the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and our dogs tend to be no exception. Although chocolate is a big no-no when it comes to dogs and cats (it's very poisonous), that doesn’t mean you can’t treat them with some Dreamies (for your feline friend) or these super cute Bakers mini bones for your canine companion. Even better, cook them a nutritious meal! Your cat will love a fishy dinner and your dog will go nuts for a meaty treat from our butcher. 

5. Toys and treats

Treat your pet to some new plush, squeaky or chewy toys! If you have the time, you could even make your own. Cats can be easily entertained by anything on a piece of string, or anything they can scratch, so you can have a go at making a cat toy yourself. You can keep your dog busy for hours by hiding a bone or treat inside an empty plastic bottle. Or, if you're feeling super generous, you could give your pampered pooch a new kennel for the garden.


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