Watch Harry Styles in the latest trailer for Dunkirk

The pop star makes his acting debut alongside Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Mark Rylance in the WWII drama

Watch Harry Styles in the latest trailer for Dunkirk

Attention 1D fans - you may want to look away while watching the clip below! A brand new trailer for the World War II epic, Dunkirk, has been released and it shows Harry Styles in a very precarious situation. 

The historical flick, directed by The Dark Knight's Christopher Nolan, centres around the dramatic forced evacuation of Allied soldiers from the beaches of France's Dunkirk in 1940.

While we don't know exactly how big of a role the One Direction singer has in the film, he's certainly in good company. The film stars acting legends Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Mark Rylance.

Watch the gripping trailer below:

Does Harry drown? Does Cillian Murphy return to the beach? Does Tom Hardy play a German solider? So many questions!

During World War II, hundreds of thousands of Allied troops were rescued from northern France after they had been cut off and surrounded by the German Army, in what is often referred to as the "miracle of the little ships." The two-minute trailer certainly portrays just what a chaotic and dramatic situation the soldiers were in - we predict the film will have us on the edge of our seats! 

The poster for the Dunkirk film was also released, featuring a lone solider with his back turned towards us as planes fly overhead and chaos surrounds him. One Direction fans are already speculating about whether the solider is indeed Harry Styles!

Guess we'll just have to wait until next year to find out.

Dunkirk hits cinemas on July 21, 2017.