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The best (and worst) wedding dance videos on the internet

The good, the bad... and the bizarre

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The best (and worst) wedding dance videos on the internet

Sometime in the last decade, wedding dance videos went viral. Taking months of preparation and rehearsal, some couples go all out to ensure their wedding dance is anything but ordinary – with the best ones getting millions of views on YouTube.

Here are some of the funniest, the most expertly choreographed and the downright weirdest first wedding dances on the internet...

The broken record fake-out dance

Ah yes the old ‘what are you doing DJ, that’s not the right song’ act, followed by some great 80s robot and hip-hop moves.

The performance art dance

This couple not only danced to ‘Put a spell on you’ but they threw a touch of the dramatics and some optical illusions in there too (and we have no idea how she did this in that amazing dress).


The Beyoncé says how I feel dance

This bride and her bridesmaids went all out with an extravagant Beyoncé mash-up dance, followed by a great bride and groom dance. Proving once and for all that Yoncé knows best.


The ‘cause this is thriller dance

With over 13 million views on YouTube, a song about zombies is not an obvious choice for a wedding, but many weddings have now emulated this group 'Thriller' dance (Michael Jackson even cited it as one of his favourite videos back in 2006).


The Super Mario fight dance

We’re confused...but can’t quite look away. See what happens about 1.44 minutes in...


The Grease megamix dance

Comedy and dancing – what more could you ask for? We also love the bride’s red trainers.


The groom & father-in-law surprise dance

This bride was completely shocked when her new husband and father got up to sing and dance to Fiddler on the Roof‘s 'To Life', roping in members of the wedding party as they go.


The groomsmen boyband dance

It’s as if Justin Timberlake and the 'N Sync boys really stormed into this wedding reception.


The baby got back dance

One of the original dance routines to go viral (maybe even the first?), this couple did an excellent job of Sir Mixalot's ‘Baby Got Back’. It’s had over 13 million YouTube views and the newlyweds were asked to perform it again on the Ellen show in America.


The walking up the aisle dance

Not strictly a first dance in the traditional sense, this walking up the aisle dance involving the whole wedding party has been viewed over 91 million times on YouTube.