How to entertain children at a wedding

14 impossibly fun ways to entertain kids at weddings

Creative ways to show the kids a good time

14 impossibly fun ways to entertain kids at weddings

Weddings can be a tough gig for kids. With so many adults all busy celebrating and raising a toast to the happy couple, little minds can get easily bored.

They might even end up having the most fun of all!

Though most weddings have plenty of fun stuff for adults to get involved with - laughing (or shedding an emotional tear!) at all the speeches, plenty of friends and family to catch up with, photobooths, the dancefloor… there’s often not enough to keep shorter attention spans occupied. Until now.

To help you keep the kids entertained – and out of trouble! – we’ve rounded up some brilliantly fun and creative ways to show little ones a good time at the nuptials, too.

They might even end up having the most fun of all!

Set up a designated kids table if there’ll be lots of children at the wedding. They’ll likely enjoy each other’s company more than hanging around with all the adults.

If you’re having a kids table, make sure there’s plenty for them to do during the meal and speeches. Crayons and colouring paper are a great idea as ‘favours’.

Turn centrepieces into something that can be played with later, such as bowls of colourful Lego.

If you’re expecting good weather, set up a kids area outdoors with fun activities like hopscotch, hula hooping and bubble blowing.

Talking of bubbles, they’re fun for everyone and can add a very cool twist to photographs, as well as providing endless fun for little ones.

At the reception, set-up a table with lots boardgames, so that they can all play and have fun while the grown-ups dance.

Mix a few Disney classics into the playlist – Frozen’s Let It Go or The Jungle Book’s King Of The Swingers will get everyone on their feet.


Turn dessert into a crafty experience with cupcakes that kids can decorate themselves – and then eat!

Set-up games that both adults and kids can all do together, such as ‘wedding’ ring toss.

Dish out some disposable cameras and issue kids with an I Spy checklist – they’ll be far more motivated to stay engaged.

Set-up a kids-only tent full of cushions and blankets, so little ones can all hang out together (or take a nap).

Include them in the toast – hand out fancy glasses of milk or juice with a special cookie to help them feel involved in the big moments.

Make up some fun wedding activity booklets, and hand them out to kids at the reception. They’ll have plenty to keep them occupied throughout the meal and speeches.

Set-up a snack table with bowls of sweet treats, chopped up fruit and nibbles, to stave off any hunger pangs.