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#WhyMyKidIsCrying sees parents sharing the funny reasons behind toddler tantrums

You can't help but chuckle.

#WhyMyKidIsCrying sees parents sharing the funny reasons behind toddler tantrums

We’ve all been there; in the cereal aisle trying to curb an unexpected meltdown, in the park trying to understand why our toddler is freaking out, or even at home, puzzled as to why something seemingly small has triggered such a huge tantrum. Sound familiar?

The hashtag has helped parents everywhere see the lighter side of a meltdown

Well now, an Instagram hashtag has sought to give all parents a little something to chuckle at, by rounding up the funniest reasons behind a toddler ruckus.

#WhyMyKidIsCrying has parents all over the world tagging photos of tantrums that have exploded for hilarious reasons such as ‘because I wouldn’t let him eat the trash’ and ‘I wouldn’t let him play with an open electrical outlet’.

Adding a dose of grown-up logic to the humorous problems our kids can’t help but take seriously, the hashtag has seemingly helped parents everywhere see the lighter side of a meltdown.

The trend was originally sparked by blogger and father of two Greg Pembroke, from New York, US, who turned his hilarious Tumblr account, Reasons My Son Is Crying, into a book called Reasons My Kid Is Crying.

Though the Tumblr began in 2013, with Greg uploading posts featuring his own sons William and Charlie, he soon began receiving submissions from parents far and wide, triggering a bigger social media craze.

Now, both #WhyMyKidIsCrying and #ReasonsMyKidIsCrying are being used by parents on a daily basis, to share the amusing reasons their children are shedding tears.

Here’re a taster...


The wind blew a leaf across the sidewalk #whymykidiscrying

A photo posted by Renae McBrian (@yerawizardrenae) on




I wouldn't let him play with an open electrical outlet #reasonsmykidiscrying #assholeparent

A photo posted by Tara (@kennedytara83) on



#reasonsmykidiscrying changed her mind about her ice cream choice.

A photo posted by Bethany (@1sweetbeth) on



#reasonsmykidiscrying I wouldn't let the 1 year old drink my coffee. #babiesofinstagram

A photo posted by Christina Pross (@kikisstar) on



#reasonsmykidiscrying I wouldn't let her brush her teeth. Again. For the third time this morning.

A photo posted by Melissa (@m_lynn81) on



#reasonsmykidiscrying I won't let him wear his winter coat in 90 degree weather, or to swim.

A photo posted by ashleaw (@ashleaw) on




I put it on the exact Mickey episode he asked for. #reasonsmykidiscrying

A photo posted by Samantha Piette (@sampiette) on



#reasonsmykidiscrying...I won't eat the dead bee she has found me. #assholeparent

A photo posted by Beth J Mundy (@mundybeth) on



She wants to get in the car...the one she's holding. #whymykidiscrying #reasonsmykidiscrying #meanmommy

A photo posted by sheraehunter (@sl_hunter) on



I won't let her open the 400* oven and play inside. #whymykidiscrying

A photo posted by Kelli (@mommekelli) on

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