Winter wedding

7 reasons why winter weddings are the best

And some great design ideas to make yours amazing!

7 reasons why winter weddings are the best

Who says wedding season is over? Some of the best weddings happen in the autumn and winter months – and it's not hard to see why so many brides save their date for the colder months. From gorgeous wedding décor ideas to countless ways to save on a budget, here are seven reasons why you won't regret planning your cold weather nuptials - and how to make it even more beautiful than you imagined!

1. Venue hire

As winter tends to be a less busy time of year for weddings, you’ll find more availability at venues and that hire costs tend to be lower than the summer season. Other suppliers like florists, live music bands and wedding cake makers are all happy with the extra business at this time of year - and may well drop their prices, too. 

If you’ve had your heart set on a venue, you’ll find it much easier to get a Saturday wedding date during winter. Your guests will also find it easier to find accommodation locally and may even decide to have a mini winter break as a result!

When you’re looking for wedding venues, it's worth researching the ones that are particularly suited to the winter season, like castles and stately homes that have big hallways dominated by an open fire place. 

2. Cosy factor

The winter months feel so much cosier and as darkness descends so much earlier this season,  you can start an evening party that bit sooner - which means you have longer to enjoy it! You can dress up your venue with candles, tea lights, open fires and lanterns to get a cosy and welcoming atmosphere going from the moment dusk sets in.

Fairylights also go a long way to creating a magical and romantic feel. You can use them to decorate trees outside and light up walkways that lead to your venue.

3. Hot drinks

You can keep guests feeling warm, cosy and merry by serving them mulled wine or sloe gin cocktails! You could serve guests hot cider, hot toddies and hot chocolate as they arrive for the ultimate winter welcome.

4. Less stress

Preparing an indoor wedding during winter means you won't have to worry about the weather, because you’ll be all snug indoors – so that’s one less thing to worry about! You won’t need to fret about a plan B - there will just be one plan. 

5. Happier guests

Not only will there be more available (and affordable) accomodation during the low season, but guests are more likely to be able to attend the event as it's less likely to be clash with other weddings or summer events they've been invited to. Plus, as weddings can sometimes be expensive for guests too, they’ll be happy that your event is later in the year, giving them more time to recover from an expensive summer holiday!

6. Better honeymoon 

Honeymoons and holidays tend to be more expensive during the summer as it's peak season and school holidays.  Marry in the winter months and your honeymoon will be more affordable, plus destinations will have better availability and you'll avoid busy school holidays.

7. Gorgeous design

And to top it all off, there are so many lovely, cosy ways to decorate for a winter wedding!

From twinkling fairylights...

... To faux fur wraps for bridesmaids and guests...

... and sheepskin rugs to throw across benches for a relaxed, rustic winter wedding.

You could use pine branches and pinecones as a gorgeous and affordable way to decorate.

You could go all out with a winter woodland theme...

Or stick to small details such as hanging misteltoe above where you'll marry.

Last but not least, have some blankets on offer for guests to keep warm when they need to venture outdoors.