5 imaginative costumes and bakes for World Book Day

Transform your little ones into literary legends

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5 imaginative costumes and bakes for World Book Day

World Book Day brings to life magical places and amazing characters, with free* books for over 15 million UK children. In schools that get involved, each child is given a token to trade in participating stores for one of the 10 books on this year’s list.

This special selection features great new reads written for World Book Day by celebs such as Tom Fletcher and Clare Balding, plus classics such as Paddington and Mr Silly. Or, if kids want a title that’s not on the list, they can use their token to get £1 off other books or audio books**.

In stores with a Community Champion†, kids can enjoy fun competitions and activities. We’ll even be helping them to unleash their imagination, creating their own characters and stories.

Here's a round-up of fabulous costumes from Asda to help improve your childrens' day of book-based fun and inspire their love of reading.


Fantastic Mr Fox

Roald Dahl’s cunning fox first burst onto the scene in 1970. When three horrible farmers – Boggis, Bunce and Bean – get fed up of our hero raiding their farms to feed his beloved family, they lay siege to his den and animal neighbourhood. But Mr Fox has a daring plan of his own, using his sharp wits and amazing digging skills…

Harry Potter

No need for an introduction here really, is there? Loved by millions of muggles all around the globe, the magical saga begins in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. In this first book, Harry discovers he is a wizard and begins his education at Hogwarts – but ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ is plotting his evil return.


To make it a World Book Day to remember, get your little ones to help you make these magical golden snitches. Inspired by Potter himself, you'll want to catch one of our sparkly winged winners which are made from cake, frosting and edible glitter. 



Gangsta Granny

If any character sums up the British mentality, it’s Gangsta Granny. Her answer to any problem? A cup of tea, of course. But she’s not your average OAP, as her grandson quickly finds out when he discovers glittering jewels stashed away in her biscuit tin. Granny doesn’t just play Scrabble and make cabbage soup – she was once an international jewel thief. And now she’s after the Crown Jewels…



Roald Dahl created ‘the only nice and jumbly Giant in Giant Country’, the lovable BFG, in 1982 to help the book’s heroine, 10-year-old Sophie, escape her mean orphanage. The pair explore the wonders of Dream Country, drink frobscottle, let off whizzpoppers and take on bigger, scarier giants led by ‘the horriblest of them all’, the Fleshlumpeating Giant…

In the book, the snozzcumber is a vile vegetable. But we've made ours into a BFG - otherwise known as a big, fabulous gateau. The kids will love making and eating this!


Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter

One of the most iconic scenes from Lewis Carroll’s classic 1865 novel, the Mad Hatter’s tea party is reimagined in this 1951 book. Here Alice stumbles across the Mad Hatter’s Unbirthday Party – from the always-sleepy Dormouse napping in the teapot, to the Mad Hatter’s endless riddles, Alice doesn’t know what to make of this unlikely gang.

If your little ones have been inspired by Alice and the Mad Hatter, feed their imagination with a tea party straight out of Wonderland with our range of bakes. Don't be late for our Queen of Hearts tarts - because they might just all go. Or try making our mix 'n' match chessboard sandwiches which we've filled with cream cheese, cucumber and egg mayonnaise. And last but not least serve up these cherry tomato toadstools which have been made by slicing tomatoes in half and then placing on square bits of mozzarella. 

Make sure you stock up on everything you need at George or pop into your local store

*Free with valid World Book Day token. Offer valid 26 February to 25 March 2018. One token per child and per transaction. Photocopies not accepted. **£1 off any full-price book redeemable against any book or audio book worth £2.99 or more. †Activities will only take place in stores with a Community Champion.