Kid-friendly peanut houmous

5 new ways to serve up houmous

We're deeply dippy about these twists on the traditional

5 new ways to serve up houmous

When is a chickpea not a chickpea? When it’s been mashed into a lovely bowl of creamy, dreamy houmous. 

Then, after the pea has been suitably mushed, a blend of tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic is added to conjure up the classic houmous dip that we all know and love. 

But it’s always fun to put a twist on tradition. That’s why we’ve chosen our five favourite houmous recipes with a difference that will totally rock your world this International Houmous Day! Enjoy!

The low fat one

This houmous recipe contains no added oil and uses fat free yogurt to keep it still tasting creamy and delicious. Get dipping.

The loaded one

You can transform a tub of humble Asda Houmous into a dinner party-worthy starter with these three simple toppings. Pick your favourite flavour combination from our suggestions below and wow your guests with the simplest starter ever. Start by spooning the houmous into a nice bowl, then...

Why not try a swirl of Asda extra special Genovese basil pesto with toasted pine nuts and lemon zest. Or feta, pomegranate seeds and finely sliced red onion and parsley. Or spice it up with a sprinkle of rocket, falafel, halved baby plum tomatoes and a drizzle of Asda chilli infused olive oil

The nutty one

An easy-to-make houmous with a nutty twist - peanut butter! This dip will prove irresistible and a great way to get your little 'uns to eat up their veg. 

The colourful one

This jewelled butternut squash houmous is bursting with flavours and colours. The base dip is made by blitzing butternut squash with houmous and then topped with griddled crudités and whole chickpeas.

The hot one

Liven up your lunchtime with this (30% Less Fat) Red Pepper & Chilli Houmous. Warning: comes with a bit of a kick. We think this would go perfectly with warm falafel and crunchy salad leaves in a wrap.

Feeling inspired to whip up your own houmous? Get shopping for ingredients online or in your local store - just don't forget the chickpeas