9 reasons we love Jersey Royals

Paying homage to our all-time favourite potato

9 reasons we love Jersey Royals

You know summer's almost here when supper is served with a bowlful of steaming-hot Jersey Royal potatoes topped with melted butter and fresh mint. 

These kidney-shaped new potatoes have a wispy skin and gain their unique, sweet, nutty taste from the light soil and mild climate of the Channel Island. In the height of their season, up to 1,500 tonnes of Jersey Royals are imported daily. 

Here are nine reasons why the world can't get enough of these sovereign spuds...

1. You always get the real McCoy

Like Champagne and Stilton blue cheese, Jersey Royals enjoy a special protected status from the EU. This is a guarantee that they are produced, processed and prepared in Jersey - and only in Jersey - using distinct local knowledge and conditions. 

2. No need to peel

No peeling is required for these perfect potatoes, keep their skin on for a fuller flavour. 

3. They won't keep you waiting

They are best boiled for 10-15 minutes or until they just fall off a fork when pierced. 

4. The perfect accompaniment to summer

They are terrifically tasty with lemon and chive butter, drizzled with olive oil and scattered with garden herbs. Or cooled in a potato salad with mayonnaise, dill and spring onions.

5. Versatile veg

Jersey Royals make great roasties and also work well in summer potato salads - just don’t add too many flavours, as this will distract from their subtle but sublime taste. 

6. Seasonal delights

Our food editor Gregor McMaster embraces Jersey Royals because unlike other potatoes, they have a short seasonal shelf-life: "They can only be enjoyed from May through to July in a normal season, but this is part of their appeal. By the time the season comes around again I get so excited about having my first JR’s of the year!"

7. Did you know they contain vitamin C?

Potatoes are a source of vitamin C. 100g of boiled Jersey Royal New Potatoes, with their skins on, provide approximately 19% of an average adult’s reference intake for vitamin C*.

According to the PHE Eatwell Guide, foods like potatoes, bread, rice and pasta should make up about a third of the food we eat so it's good to base your meals on these foods.

8. You only get the freshest

Jersey Royals are checked twice by workers and quality controllers before being packed and loaded into refrigerated trailers for export. The potatoes are harvested, graded, packed and shipped daily to ensure that consumers are buying them when they are at their freshest and finest.

9. Grown naturally

The Jersey soil is light and well drained and many farmers still use seaweed harvested from Jersey beaches as a natural fertiliser for their Jersey Royals.  

Are you now chomping at the bit to get your hands on some lovely seasonal Jersey Royals? Stock up online or pop into your local store

*Nutritional Composition of Jersey Royal New Potatoes