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We cannot wait for ‘The Great Christmas Bake Off’

The famous four will be back together for the very last time

We cannot wait for ‘The Great Christmas Bake Off’

Is there anything more exciting than the prospect of Mel, Sue, Paul and Mary reunited in the famous Bake Off tent for the very last time? Add to that the fact that they’re welcoming back eight familiar faces from previous series, and the copious amounts of festive fancies that they'll be whipping up – and we’re as happy as Mary with a glass of sherry in hand.

The programme, which will be aired in two parts – one on Christmas Day and another on Boxing Day, will require the bakers to make six festive bakes in total. Get ready for the fanciest festive icing, a snowy savoury signature, chocolate snowflakes and a Paul Hollywood bready special.


So who’s coming back to brave the tent? You’ll definitely remember lovely Scottish James Morton; the doctor with a penchant for woollen jumpers and a talent for delicious dough. Then there’s Howard Middleton, who has, since his time in the tent, released a fantastic gluten-free cookbook. You may also remember him from ‘custard gate’, when fellow contestant Deborah took Howard’s flawless crème anglaise for her own trifle. Naughty Deboarah.


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Other familiar faces include the queen of spice, Chetna Makan, Mary-Anne Boermans whose encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of baking means a technical challenge is a walk in the park, and Cathryn Dresser who released a childrens’ cook book in 2014 so knows a thing or two about expertly-decorated biscuits. Plus lovely, classic-bake fan Norman Calder, very-nearly finalist Janet Basu, and dessert parlour owner, Ali Imdad.


So prepare yourselves for some of the best Christmas jumpers ever seen on telly, a big 'bah humbug' moment from Paul, and a lot of amazing festive facial expressions from the Mel/Sue duo! Ready, steady, baaaake!

The Great Christmas Bake Off starts on Christmas Day at 4.45pm on BBC1. The second part will air on Boxing Day at 7pm.