Rosemary drizzle cake

Best ever drizzle cakes for rainy days

Get the kettle on quick!

Best ever drizzle cakes for rainy days

April is notorious for its showers, but the only kind of drizzle that we're interested in is when it's associated with cake. And then we are ALL ears.

What could be more perfect than a deliciously sticky, sweet syrup poured all over a lovely sponge? We love that slightly crunchy sugary top then the moist, fruity cake.

From moreish ginger to classic lemon, here are some of our favourite teatime classics to get your teeth into. 

For orange fans

Orange semolina cake

This gorgeously moist semolina cake is covered in a lovely, orangey syrup. And it tastes even more amazing the next day! 

For ginger lovers 

Ginger cake

This spicy, gooey ginger cake sponge is perfectly finished with a covering of syrup and treacle drizzle.

For classic connoisseurs

Lime and lemon drizzle cake

Make sure you drizzle your zesty syrup over this lemon drizzle cake the second it comes out from the oven.

Rosemary drizzle cake

This lemon and rosemary drizzle cake recipe has a lovely balance of citrus and herby flavours.

Lemon and saffron drizzle cake

This gorgeous classic lemon drizzle cake has a new level of flavour added thanks to a good sprinkling of saffron and rosemary. 

For vegetable cake fans

 Sweet potato and ginger cake 

We’ve used three different forms of ginger – ground, crystallised and stem – which adds extra texture to this moist sweet potato and ginger cake as well as giving it a deliciously intense, tangy taste.

For gluten-free diets

Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake

Moist, cakey and covered with a lovely, layer of lemon drizzle - you'll find it hard to believe this gorgeous lemon drizzle loaf is totally gluten free!

Have all these good-looking cakes got you in the mood to bake? Get all your ingredients online or pop into your nearest Asda store