Garlic-studded Camembert

Our flavour of the month: Garlic

Make the most of the wonderful taste and aroma of this versatile bulb with our flavour-packed recipes that even a vampire will enjoy!

By Deborah James, 18 April 2017
Our flavour of the month: Garlic

April 19 is National Garlic Day! Time to pay homage to those pungent cloves.

We don't care that its powerful aroma has earnt it nicknames such as 'the stinking rose' because we think it adds the most wonderful flavour to food.

Besides we've learnt that sipping milk and washing your hands with parsley neutralises the smell that it can add to your fingers after chopping.

So to celebrate the humble garlic clove we've rounded up some of our most garlicky recipes for you to feast on. Just maybe invest in some chewing gum...

But first check out our.... 

garlic know-how

Raw garlichas a strong, pungent taste. Adding slices to dishes gives bursts of flavour and crunch when you bite into them. 

Frying garlic: makes the taste sightly milder, though still with plenty of bite. Crush or finely chop cloves if you want the flavour to run throuh a dish without overpowering it. 

Roasting whole cloves: gives them a creamy texture and a sweet, mellow nuttiness. 

Ready-prepared garlic: such as Easy Garlic in a jar, is a handy shortcut - or try frozen crushed garlic.

Garlic-infused oil: is another great store-cupboard standby, good for topping up flavour in pasta and noodle dishes. 

Gutsy garlic recipes

Artichoke & garlic soup

This homemade soup has a lovely creamy texture and the two whole bulbs of garlic add a nice, nutty flavour.

Garlic-studded Camembert

This baked, garlic-studded Camembert recipe has deep herby flavours that penetrate into the gooey cheese. An ideal, super easy dinner party starter for a crowd.

Garlic breadsticks

These garlic breadsticks are easy to make and perfect for a party. Try them dipped in houmous or put them on a deli platter for a delicious sharing starter.

Garlic & thyme nut brittle

Not just for savoury recipes, garlic adds subtle flavour to this sweet treat, too.

Three-garlic pasta

Garlic prepared three ways - roasted, fried and raw - for a light pasta dish with a powerful flavour.

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