Garlic-studded Camembert

7 dishes that wouldn’t be complete without garlic

Garlic is essential in everything from kebabs to Bolognese

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7 dishes that wouldn’t be complete without garlic

Garlic adds depth and flavour to almost anything. From Italian to Chinese cooking, garlic can be found all across the culinary globe, humming along in the background of everything from kebabs to curries to Bolognese.

This National Garlic Day, we want to pay homage to the pungent clove by loading up our plates with decadent garlicky goodness.

We’ve rounded up some of our most garlicky recipes that put the bulb centrestage. Just maybe invest in some chewing gum for afterwards…

How to cook and eat garlic

Raw garlic has a strong, pungent taste that works well with acidic fruits and vegetables such as fresh tomatoes and lemon. Add thin slices to fresh salads alongside a sharp, citrus dressing for a burst of undeniable flavour magic.

Frying garlic gives the clove a slightly milder flavour, but retains its bite. Crush or finely chop cloves then fry off quickly at a low to medium heat if you want the flavour to run through the dish without overpowering more delicate ingredients.

Roasting whole garlic cloves gives them a creamy texture and sweet, mellow nuttiness. Keep them in their skins to stop the outer flesh from burning and turning bitter.

Love garlic but find yourself too rushed by dinnertime to spend ages peeling and chopping? Ready-prepared garlic in a jar is a handy timesaver. You can also get frozen chopped garlic — simply break off a lump the size you need and put straight into the pan from frozen.

Garlic-infused olive oil is another great store-cupboard standby, perfect for topping up flavour in pasta and noodle dishes, or drizzled over soups, salads or toast.

Artichoke & garlic soup

This super creamy homemade soup inspired by traditional French cookery is laden with two whole bulbs of roasted garlic, adding a lovely nutty flavour that compliments the sweet artichokes.

Tuscan basil & garlic panzanella

This traditional bread salad from central Italy packs a garlicky punch. Fresh tomatoes, basil and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar balance the fragrant garlic with their fruity flavours, while crunchy sourdough and finely sliced fennel add texture and crunch.

Three-garlic pasta

Roasted, fried and raw garlic all hum together harmoniously in this surprisingly light pasta dish. It might sound like garlic overload, but cherry tomatoes and white wine offer an acidity that balances the fragrant garlic to bring together these south Italian flavours.

Thai red salmon curry

Although most red Thai curry pastes already contain minced garlic, we’ve added an extra clove to our rich and flavourful salmon red Thai curry because we simply can't get enough! The new potatoes soak up all the aromatics of the garlic and curry paste while the salmon poaches in the coconut milk, releasing its flavours and adding depth to the silky sauce.

Garlic-studded Camembert

You can’t go wrong with a bit of ooey-gooey melted cheese. This baked, garlic-studded Camembert recipe makes a delicious and super simple dinner party starter with major wow-factor.

Need something to dunk into your puddle of melted Camembert? Why not double up on garlic with these simple homemade garlic and rosemary breadsticks. The trick is to use ready-made pizza dough — all of the great smells of home-baking wafting from the oven with minimal effort on your part. Genius!

Scallops with ginger & garlic

Garlic and ginger are a match made in heaven in Asian cookery. These melt-in-the-mouth scallops in a zingy ginger, garlic and honey sauce make a light, springtime starter or lunch you can have on the table in 15 minutes.

Garlic & thyme nut brittle

Not just for savoury recipes, fresh garlic adds a subtle fragrance to this fascinating sweet treat. Bundle the shards up in a box for the perfect homemade gift for the adventurous foodie in your life.

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