Beetroot galette

30 delicious recipes you can cook for under £1

Because flavour doesn't have to cost a fortune

30 delicious recipes you can cook for under £1

You don't have to splash the cash to enjoy delicious, flavoursome and heavenly-come-back-for-seconds-kinda-food. 

In fact, we're big believers that some of the tastiest meals can be made for under £1 per person, without sacrificing on flavour.

'How', we hear you ask? By using staple foods many of us would already buy in our weekly shops or have stashed at the back of our cupboards – like pasta, rice or a tin of tomatoes. 

From one-pot pasta dishes you can make with just with 5 ingredients, to speedy curries all the family will want to tuck into – take a look at our round-up of meals costing £1 per person or under. Happy cooking! 


Super Noodle Ramen 

Wheat noodles served in a flavoursome broth – this Japanese noodle soup is one of those dishes that will have you coming back for more. We've actually made this dish even easier to make by pimping up a pot of quick-cook noodles with fresh veg and an egg. It's an easy, cost-effective take on the classic Japanese dish.


Sticky Chinese chicken bake


When it comes to chicken, drumsticks are the most cost-effective cut. This sticky Chinese chicken bake works out at 89p per serving and that's complete with a side of rice too. This easy traybake is bursting with spicy and sweet flavours thanks to the honey and tomato seasoning. How tempting does it look?

Root veg rösti nests with poached eggs, crispy bacon and creamy hollandaise

Is there anything potatoes can't do? In this rosti-form, the humble root veg has been shredded, seasoned and baked until it's lovely and crispy. Topped with an egg, bacon and creamy hollandaise sauce, this works out at under 50p per serving. Sometimes less is way more. 

Hoisin chicken with a zesty slaw 

Sweet, sticky and spicy – what could be better? This dinner winner is perfect for the family or cook a batch and meal prep for the rest of the week! Roasted chicken thighs with a sticky, aromatic glaze and zesty slaw are certain to be a hit in this hoisin chicken bake.

Middle Eastern-style shakshuka

The perfect breakfast/brunch or lunch, you can't beat a Shakshuka! The trio of peppers brings a wonderful sweetness to the tangy sauce of this delicious egg dish and tomato dish. We've crumbled some cheese over for good measure, served it with a couple of slices of toasted sourdough and it still works out under £1. Winning! 


Butternut squash and spinach gnocchi

Potato in bite-size form? Count us in. Gnocchi comes into its own in this butternut squash and spinach concoction. The squash has been seasoned with garlic, stock and sage then blitzed in a blender, added to the gnocchi, tossed with spinach and sprinkled with hazelnuts for crunch. This dish counts as one of your five a day, can be on the table in 25 minutes and costs just 76p per head. 

Baked spaghetti pie with peppers and courgette

Hello one-dish-wonder! This 87p per serving traybake is even suitable for vegans and is a take on a family pasta bake. Coming with all the Mediterranean-feels thanks to ingredients like courgettes, mixed peppers and tinned tomatoes, this is sunshine on a plate. 


Greek salad pitta pockets

Fresh greens, feta and olives, plus tangy pickled veg – it might not be summer, but you can still have a taste of it in every bite with this Greek salad-inspired dish! Pitta pockets will always be one of our favourite lunch-time go-tos and this meal (which works out 88p per serving) has just reignited our love for them! 


Cauliflower soup with bacon

Soups have to be one of the easiest and cost-effective suppers to serve up. And this creamy cauliflower and potato soup, which works out 88p per person, is no exception. Add some extra texture by topping yours with some crunchy croutons, bacon and spring onions. 

Cranberry and three-cheese pizza

You'll want to have a 'pizza' this 47p-per serving three-cheese pizza! Using ready-rolled pizza dough and combining it with with a tangy, Christmassy sauce and cheeseboard leftovers, it's an easy, casual dish everyone will want to tuck into. 

Speedy squash and spinach curry

You can always count on a curry for a flavour-packed meal. Try out this ultra-quick squash and spinach curry which can be on your plate within 25 minutes. It serves 6 so is perfect if you're cooking for all the family and you might even have leftovers to enjoy the next day. And we all know how good curries taste the day after!

Thai spiced fishcakes

Easy, tasty and cost-effective are three boxes every meal should tick. If you agree, look this way for these Thai spiced fishcakes which work out 87p per serving. No filleting, no bones – just open a can of tuna and mash some spuds for fuss-free Thai-flavoured fishcakes all the family can enjoy. Serve up on a bed of salad or some spuds for a super speedy meal. 


gnocchi with sage, spinach and squash sauce

Fan of gnocchi? Then you'll love this butternut squash and spinach gnocchi. A simple squash sauce adds a lovely creaminess to this hearty, low-fat, low-salt veggie supper that serves 4.  Dish up as is and you're good to go. 

Pea and sundried tomato risotto

At 74p per serving, this one-pan pea and sundried tomato risotto is a gamechanger. It contains just five ingredients, including: sun-dried tomatoes, small onions, frozen peas, Parmesan and Arborio Rice (which helps to give this savoury, Italian-inspired dish a creamy texture). Try it for yourself. 

Bubble and squeak quiche

This will come in handy over the festive season! Our bubble and squeak quiche is a clever spin on the family favourite. It's super budget-friendly (working out at 12p per portion) and you can just use up any leftover veg from your Sunday roast or Christmas dinner to create it. 

Mixed pepper shakshuka

Normally served as a hearty breakfast or brunch, we think this Middle Eastern-inspired mixed pepper shakshuka works just as well as a lightweight main. It stars eggs, peppers and spinach baked in a tangy tomato sauce and works out at 75p per serving. Get in our belly!

Vegan maple and butternut squash roulade

If you're vegan, or serving a crowd, this rather impressive maple and butternut squash roulade serves 8 and is full of flavour. Pecans and cranberries add bite to tender veg wrapped in puff pastry, all topped with sweet candied nuts and parsnip crisps. Costing 76p per person, what more could you want? 

Vegan stuffed cabbage rolls

Another vegan hit are these stuffed cabbage rolls. These little parcels pack a punch as they are crammed with spiced butternut squash, beans and a hit of chilli. Serve up with rice and let the compliments roll in. 

Lettuce cups

Speedy, tasty and with just five ingredients, try this dish of lettuce cups filled with marinated chicken. Sriracha adds a kick to chicken in a creamy, herby dressing and it's all wrapped up in fresh lettuce leaves. 


Beetroot and goat’s cheese galette with wild rocket

Can you believe this beetroot and goat's cheese galette comes in at under 50p per person? It's 46p per serving (to be exact) and is a mixture of earthy beetroot, tangy goat’s cheese and peppery rocket on top of a ready tolled pizza dough. Think of it as a posh pizza – but at a fraction of the price. 

Leek, potato and corn chowder with crispy leeks

Talking of posh sounding nosh, which is friendly on the purse strings, feast your eyes on this leek, potato and corn chowder. A chowder is, in fact, a type of soup or stew that has been prepared with milk or cream. Our leek and sweetcorn-topped chowder includes milk to help add some creaminess to it. 

Moroccan-spiced red lentil soup

You can't go wrong with a soup, especially when it's hearty and flavourful all at the same time. If spice is your thing, try out this Moroccan-spiced red lentil soup which costs 38p when split between 4 people. It's jam-packed with chunky veg and Middle Eastern spices. Delicious! 


Jerk chicken with rice and beans

Another taste sensation is jerk chicken and we've served ours up with rice and beans. Picture this: tasty spiced drumsticks served on a bed of fluffy rice, with juicy grilled pineapple – inspired by its classic Caribbean routes. Coming in at 85p per person, does it get much better? We think not! 

Sweet potato and coconut soup

How inviting does this look? Thick and smooth with warming ginger, this hearty veggie and vegan-friendly soup is comfort, taste and deliciousness in a bowl. 


Sweet potato and bean quesadillas

Look this way for sweet potato and bean quesadillas – otherwise known as a 5-ingredient taste sensation. Featuring plain tortillas, baby spinach, sweet potato, mixed beans and cheese, serve up this Mexican-inspired dish for under £1. They are slightly spicy and oozing with cheese, so these tortilla toasties are a sure-fire hit.

Dairy-free spaghetti carbonara

If you're anything like us, we can't go a week without a hearty helping of pasta. Our version of a carbonara has no milk, cheese or eggs – but it's just as tasty as the classic recipe and costs 79p per serving. It contains dairy-free plain yogurt to help add some creaminess and lots of garlic to add all the taste. 

Tomato spaghetti

Whilst we've got pasta on the mind, add this tomato spaghetti to your weekly dinner rota – you won't regret it. Once you've nailed this simple tomato sauce, use it as a base for all sorts of other dishes. This is a meal that just keeps on giving.

Spinach and cherry tomato cauliflower-base pizza

Sticking to the Italian-inspired theme, this no-flour-crust pizza is topped with earthy spinach, sweet tomatoes and melted mozzarella. Made from a cauliflower-base, this pizza was made to be enjoyed by everybody. Get the kids involved with making this super cost-effective meal. 


Spanish omelette

You don't have to leave the country to get a taste of the Med thanks to this Spanish omelette recipe. Pan-fried onions, spicy chorizo, potatoes and mixed peppers flavour this simple egg dish. Made to serve 4 people, dish up this cheap and cheerful mealtime wonder.  

Baked Aubergine halves with a chorizo crumble 

Smoky chorizo, fragrant red pesto and mild buttery olives combine for a delicious fusion of flavour, in this baked aubergine crumble. It's finished off with a nutty crunch and is a must-try! Plus, did we mention it's under £1? What a treat. 

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