10 brilliant BBQ hacks

Become the ultimate barbecue warrior with these genius tips and tricks

By Deborah James, 16 May 2017
10 brilliant BBQ hacks

DON'T just be a slave to the grill this summer - upgrade your title to The Ultimate BBQ Warrior. 

Yes. You can do it. Brush down the barbecue, get a group of hungry friends round and amaze them with your outdoor cooking skills. 

Here are some genius tips and tricks that you'll need to start you on your rise to the top of your grilling game. 

1. Grill fish on lemons

Anyone who loves a crispy skin can ignore this tip, but if you're fed up of fish sticking to the grill, place slices of lemon directly onto the BBQ grill and cook the fish on top. The zesty barrier will protect the fillet from sticking and also add flavour. Magic! 

2. Add fresh herbs

A handful of fresh herbs - think rosemary, thyme and oregano - directly on the coals or grill will smell lovely and add a subtle aroma to grilled meat and veg. They burn fast, so soak in water first. 

3. Double up skewers

Two makes the job much easier! Double up skewers and you get a lot more control over flipping your food. 

4. Make BBQ cake

Why bake your dessert when you can cook it on the barbecue? This sticky BBQ Parkin cake will cook in about 30 minutes on the grill and will really wow party guests.

5. Give your burgers a blast in the freezer

Worried about your patties breaking apart on the BBQ grill? Pop them in the freezer for five minutes just before cooking. This will help them keep their shape. Just make sure you add a few more minutes cooking time to make sure they are cooked through.

6. Grill watermelon

While the usual BBQ suspects like burgers and sausages are always a hit, give your guests something to really remember with this BBQ surprise: cooking watermelon!. BBQ in chunks or pan fry in butter with a pinch of salt to serve with tuna or chicken. It's a taste sensation!

7. Keep It Clean!

No-one likes being the one left to scrub the BBQ grill rack but it needs to be clean to stay safe. So here's a sneaky hint which will give you more time for another beer rather than labouring over a filthy grill - stick it in the dishwasher! Don't forget to give the grill a quick scrape before you put it in the dishwasher.

8. Stop the Burn!

Stop food getting burnt on the outside while still cold on the inside with a simple spray bottle filled with water. The key to it is not to have too much flame, so if the BBQ starts to flame up you need to use a bit of water from the spray to control it. Just make sure you don't overspray and extinguish the coals.

9. Quick and easy spiral potatoes

You don't have to wrap a baked potato in foil and sit for hours waiting for it to cook (although they are delicious). Try this simple hack by putting a skewer through a potato (lengthways) and use a knife to cut down to the skewer in a spiral shape. Cook them on the BBQ then slide them off the skewer for crunchy, delicious, easy peasy potatoes. 

10. Use a muffin tray for condiments

Instead of having bottles of ketchup, jars of mayonnaise and tubs of mustard everywhere, keep things nice and neat with a muffin tray. Looks nicer and will save on space. Genius. 

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