10 best baking recipes

Take your baking to the next-level and try one of our challenging yet achievable indulgent baking ideas

10 best baking recipes

Want to up your baking skills? Whether you’re a novice baker or an expert cook there's something for everyone. We’ve compiled some of our best bakes for when you’re looking for an afternoon treat or just in need of some downtime.

Give into those hunger pangs and try out one of our indulgent baking recipes, from simple homemade scones to impressive and seriously decadent caramel chocolate cake and even flaky cinnamon rolls. There’s no better time to get in the kitchen and level up your baking game!

Check out our best baking recipes including easy baking recipes, no-bake recipe ideas and the best-ever brownie recipe.


Soft, chewy biscuits with a gooey choc centre – heaven. Whip up these epic yet super easy cookies in no time!

No-bake rocky road tart

The chocolate biscuit base and sticky toffee popcorn topping take this no-bake treat to a scrumptious new level. Try this no-bake rocky road for an easy afternoon treat

Ultimate chocolate brownies

Looking for the best-ever chocolate brownie recipe? Look no further, this decadent recipe is perfectly chewy and super gooey, the only recipe you’ll ever need for the ultimate chocolate brownies. Plus, if you’re after a vegan version, we’ve got that too

Lemon Drizzle loaf

Bright and beautiful, this irresistibly moist lemon cake is easy to bake and the result are gorgeous, zesty goodness!


Master the quintessential English teatime treat with our fool-proof Victoria sponge recipe, light, airy and jam packed with cream!


Baked New York cheesecake

Baking a cheesecake can be tricky, but we’ve made it easy with our version of an American classic. This rich, smooth and creamy baked cheesecake definitely has the wow-factor, while the soured cream topping adds that extra something special

Homemade simple scones

Ever thought of baking your own scones? These delicious home-baked scones are an afternoon tea classic that are super simple to make, give it a go!

Cinnamon rolls

Can’t get to the local bakery? Fear not, we’ve got the flakiest, cripiest delicous recipe to bake your very own cinnamon buns at home

Individual baked alaskas

Making meringue can seem daunting, but no need to panic, we've got plenty of meringue recipes including these delightful individually baked Alaskas. These mini desserts are topped with marshmallowy meringue, the warm meringue treats with a cold ice cream surprise in the centre. Plus, try our vegan meringues too, hassle-free and still light as air


Once you've mastered the enriched dough, it's easy to make these home-made doughnuts that are absolutely jam-tastic and so satisfying to make


Try this decadent recipe of the ever popular roulade. We've infused our coffee sponge with Kahlua and packed it full of vodka-spiked cream - perfect for a special occasion at home

Giant caramel round cake

Go all out and give this super indulgent, super impressive cake a go. This towering chocolate cake has an irresistible gooey centre, perfect for the ultmaute weekend treat

Chocolate, caramel and macadamia drizzle cake

Sweet, nutty and huge enough to feed a crowd, this gorgeous cake is perfect for a fireworks party!

Looking for fun and creative ways to get the kids in the kitchen too? Discover some inventive baking ideas to get the children as well as the adults involved in baking.