10 Ingredients You Need In Your Kitchen According To Pinterest

Spice up your meals with these top trending ingredients.

10 Ingredients You Need In Your Kitchen According To Pinterest

When it comes to cooking up a storm or getting out of a culinary rut, trying new ingredients can often be all the inspiration you need.

Ready for a flurry of flavoursome ideas? Here are Pinterest’s top trending ingredients of 2016.

Whether it’s spicing up mealtimes or creating something entirely new, introducing fresh flavours and exotic twists will reignite your passion for even the most simple of dishes.

Which is exactly why we’re so excited to share these top 10 trending ingredients from Pinterest.

A hive of recipe ideas, Pinterest is often the first port of call for anyone in need of some unusual culinary inspiration. So it comes as no surprise that the social network has been keeping tabs on the most pinned and searched for ingredients.

Ready for a flurry of flavoursome ideas? Here are Pinterest’s top trending ingredients of 2016 (so far), with some tasty recipes ideas to try them out.


Boasting a 20% rise in popularity compared with last year, the Middle-Eastern spice is enjoying somewhat of a ‘moment’. Add saffron to couscous for a Moroccan twist, or try it in dessert recipes for unexpected flavour.

Try it: Saffron and rose water flan


Get ready for this, interest surrounding turmeric is up a whopping 99% this year! Increasingly, people are turning to the spice to add warm flavour to soups, casseroles and even cocktails, perfect for autumn and winter.

Try it: Turmeric and honey margarita


With coconut oil still enjoying enormous popularity, people are also now using the meat of the fruit more frequently in their cooking too, Perfect for adding tropical flavour to any dish.

Try it: Coconut, aubergine and lentil curry


No longer just for upside-down cakes and fruity cocktails, pineapple is moving mainstream and getting tossed into salads, tacos and more.

Try it: Pork and pineapple kebabs

Cashew Milk

If you’re a fan of nut milks, here’s a new one to add to your shopping list. Enjoying a 40% boost in popularity, cashew milk is creamier than most nut milks, and comes with a slightly more subtle flavour, too.

Chickpea Flour

Though somewhat rare on supermarket shelves, chickpea flour is a fantastic gluten-free alternative, and increasing in popularity among Pinterest bakers.


Though commonly used in salads and roasts, basil is now a popular baking ingredient too, popping up in herby desserts, ice creams, tarts and lollies.

Try it: Peach and basil frangipane tart


Also known as cilantro or Chinese parsley, coriander has begun popping up in herby salad dressings and even cocktails.

Try it: Carrot and coriander soup

Coffee Liqueur

From creamy chocolate desserts to cheesecakes, coffee liqueur is already 110% more popular among Pinterest users than it was last year, and we can see that only climbing higher come Christmas!


Another gluten-free favourite, Pinterest users are loving Brazilian tapioca in their bakes from pies to cakes, swapping out classic flour.

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