Miso soup

Quick meals you can make in 20 minutes

During the school holidays quick meal ideas are always a winner

Quick meals you can make in 20 minutes

Whether you’re at work and want a speedy dinner as soon as you get in, or you're in charge of the kids over the summer holidays and need easy wins to please a crowd, these speedy suppers are all ready and on the table in 20 minutes.

So plan ahead, stock up on everything you need and dinner time this summer holiday will be easy as pie...

Pak choi Miso broth

Miso, chilli, ginger, tofu and mushrooms are combined to form a base for this warming broth. Everything is thrown in to one pan so it couldn't be easier to put together. Plus it looks fresh and inviting served in a big bowl with bright greens and reds from the pak choi and chilli.

Grilled prawn and halloumi salad

Looking for a new salad idea? Get out the BBQ (or grill or griddle pan to save time) and you’ll have smoky tasting giant prawns, charred halloumi and warmed sweet watermelon to add to your fresh salad in minutes; the perfect summer supper.

pesto crushed chicken

If you want to speed up cooking chicken for dinner, this recipe is a genius tip. Cut them lengthways down the middle to make two thinner pieces of chicken and it will cook in half the time. These breasts are topped with pesto and breadcrumbs and served with new potatoes and Mediterranean veg but you could try them with salad, mash, couscous, or whatever takes your fancy!

Joe Wicks’ sweet potato shakshuka

Althouth we can’t move quite as quickly as Joe Wicks around the kitchen, this shakshuka can still be on the table in 20 minutes. By microwaving the sweet potato you save precious minutes! We love cutting into the eggs and letting the yolk run into the potatoes and tomatoes underneath.

Falafel flatbread

By picking up some of our ready-made falafel and heating up at home, you can create a delicious wrap in a matter of minutes. Mixed with houmous, red pepper, pickled cabbage, chillis and yogurt, this is a flavour-packed dish. Plus if you don’t fancy falafel, grill some halloumi for a different flavour.

Hot dogs with vegetable garden relish

Perfect for feeding the family, these hot dogs can be made with chipolatas or frankfurter-style sausages. Prep the buns by coating in poppy seeds and make your simple relish by combining shallots, tomato, gherkins and celery salt. Then get everyone to pile up their buns and dig in!

Pad Thai 

Take your midweek stir fry to the next level with this quick and easy Pad Thai. All you need is a hot wok, crunchy vegetables and rice noodles which are combined with tamarind paste, soy sauce and of course, peanuts to give it that proper Pad Thai taste.

Fillet of fish traybake with peppers and broccoli

This super easy traybake (yes that’s right, not much washing up), uses frozen Pollock fillets, so you know you’ve always got this dinner in the bag if you’re struggling for ideas. We love the olives, lemon and peppers which give this dish a real taste of the Mediterranean.

Sirloin steak with herby butter

Don’t forget that steak is one of the quickest dishes around – it only takes four or five minutes to cook to perfection, but don’t forget to allow another minute for resting. You could prep the herby butter needed for this recipe ahead of time and keep in the fridge to add to other dishes like baked chicken or roasted veggies.

Cauliflower rice with prawns

If you’ve never tried cauliflower rice, prepare to be a convert. You can make it by blitzing in a food processor and microwaving for a few minutes. This cauliflower rice recipe combines the rice with crunchy veg and prawns but you could also use it as a base for your curry, or tagine. Save time by using one of our new microwaveable steam bags which are ready in a couple of minutes!

Pick up all the ingredients you need to make a mean 20 minute dinner online or pop into your local Asda store