Want To Try Something New? Be Adventurous With The Hottest Food Trends For 2016

Brinner and quinoa? So 2015! Here's what you could be cooking up in the kitchen in the months ahead!

Want To Try Something New? Be Adventurous With The Hottest Food Trends For 2016

You'd only just got used to saying 'Kee-nwa', and now it's all changing. Don't worry - this is the definitive list of the foods you'll be queuing up for this year.

Savour it!

The savoury yogurt tzatziki from Greece is already mainstream, as is Indian raita – so why not try beetroot, parsnip or butternut squash yogurt? The trend started in New York and is set to catch on here, with the demand for fewer sweet treats. Or try labneh – Middle Eastern yogurt-cheese, served with olives, seeds or veggies. 

Try it: Parsnip yogurt recipe

Nut-buttered up

There’s the classic peanut variety, of course – but now it seems there’s no nut that can’t be made into butter, including hazelnuts, pistachios and cashews. A source of fibre and protein, nut butters will be huge in 2016. Almond varieties are the most popular and when mixed with raw maple syrup or cocoa and coconut, they create a creamy, moreish spread. Why not try Whole Earth 3 Nut Butter?

Sea greens

Say ‘konnichiwa’ to seaweed. Celeb cook Jamie Oliver predicts everyone will be eating algae like the age-defying Japanese in 10 years’ time. Wakame, sea spaghetti, kelp and nori – which can add a salty, savoury taste and a velvety or crispy texture to salads, soups and stir-fries – are popping up in restaurants across the country. 

Eastern Promise

Last year’s kimchi was just a taster – now Korean food as a whole is having a moment. Tangy and spicy, it’s based on barbecue flavours and grilled meats. A good dish for newbies is a bulgogi burrito, stuffed with beef in a gochujang (red chilli) marinade. Or, try KFC (Korean fried chicken, that is!) with a side of mooli white radish slaw. Korean street food traders are flying the flag – including Choi Boys, Busan BBQ and Kimchi Cult. 

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Waste not, want not

This year is all about loving leftovers and things we’d usually bin. The charity Love Food Hate Waste estimates that 7 million tonnes of food is thrown away each year in the UK, over half of which is edible. We’re doing our bit by selling even more of our Beautiful on the Inside wonky veg, while River Cottage chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is taking the idea to extremes with his latest book of recipes – Potato Peel Soup and Spicy Crispy Fish Skeletons, anyone? 

Get your goat

Goat is the new steak. Already popping up on high-end menus, it officially arrived when chef Matt Gillan served it at the Women’s Institute Centenary Banquet last year. Lower in saturated fat than other red meats, goat tastes like a cross between lamb and venison. Try it slow braised, or roasted with garlic and rosemary. 

Brussels sprouts

THEY’RE THE NEW KALE – HONESTLY! Or get the best of both worlds, with flower sprout kale – part of our Red and Green Bauble Brussels pack, £1.50 (500g; 30p/100g) 

Spice of Life

Turmeric – best known for giving a golden touch to Asian curries and rice dishes – is now turning up in everything from desserts to cocktails, adding its beautiful colour and subtle, warm flavour. 

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Sift through YouTube’s food channel for some weird and wonderful finds – one Japanese show features a cooking poodle – and exciting new culinary talent, from the boy band-style antics of the Sorted crew to the family-centric Crumbs Food sisters. Our very own Mum’s Eye View is bursting with top recipes, too! 

Comeback cod

Thanks to stocks in the North Sea rising above dangerously low levels, cod has now been removed from
the Marine Conservation Society’s (MCS) ‘fish to avoid’ list, and this one-time Friday night fave is back in business. Hoorah! But don’t go overboard – the MCS suggests we eat it as an occasional treat while the cod population fully recovers. 

Try it: Cod fillet with grilled veg cous cous recipe


The humble doughnut has had a gourmet makeover. Forget fried, now it’s baked, sometimes made with sourdough, and topped or filled with everything from bacon and maple syrup to lemon curd or Nutella (‘Donutellas’ hail from Mick’s Cafe, Melbourne). Get your artisan fix at Dum Dum Doughnuts’ jam-packed East London ‘Donutteries’! 

Good to the bone

The new favourite hot drink of Fitbit-wearing health fanatics in LA – and at the core of The Hemsley Sisters’ recipe repertoire – bone broth is made by simmering chicken, beef or lamb bones for up to 24 hours, resulting in a thin but flavoursome broth containing protein and minerals. Try it at the trendy Vietnamese Bep Haus in London, or Brighton cafe Sixteen. 

Pop culture

Soft drinks are being reinvented – they’re not just for kids any more. Made using raw cane sugar, plant-based ingredients and spices, and few (or no) additives or preservatives, the likes of maple syrup root beer, cream sodas with natural vanilla flavour, and black cherry fizz appeal to nostalgia buffs and 30-somethings moving on from alcopops. Try Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade, £2.70 (750ml; 36p/100ml), made with real lemon juice and pure rose otto oil. 

Grainy days

Nutritious and gluten-free, this mild, nutty grain is a staple in Ethiopia. Get a taste for the Teff trend with a BFree Quinoa & Chia Seed Wrap with Teff Seeds & Flax Seeds, £2.80 (276g; £1.10p/100g). 


Bye-bye blueberries... (possibly!) This sweet-sour Latin American fruit is being touted as the latest ‘superfood’, providing a source of fibre and the antioxidants vitamin C and beta carotene. You may have seen the fresh fruit with its papery casing, and there’s a dried version too. We call it physalis, but it’s also known as the golden berry, Cape gooseberry, Aztec berry, ground cherry... 

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