3 deliciously different Christmas mains

Don't fancy turkey this Christmas? Try one of these three Christmas mains for something deliciously different

3 deliciously different Christmas mains
For those looking to serve something different this Christmas – whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or simply don't fancy Christmas turkey – here are three deliciously different mains you could serve on the big day. 

Ginger and rum-glazed ham with jewelled roast carrots

This delicious ham is simmered in ginger beer, vegetables and herbs for a whole two hours. And the result? A beautifully infused centrepiece meat with sweet flavours and a touch of spice. Pair this with jewelled roast carrots, and you have yourself one showstopping dish.

Juniper and citrus salmon with hasselback squash

Feeling like fish this Christmas? How about serving up this flaky salmon with caramelised roast butternut squash and a winter pesto. Lathering the fish in a citrus blend prior to baking creates a wonderful tangy flavour – a perfect balance to rich salmon.

Vegan maple and butternut squash roulade

And if you're seeking an all-vegan option, look no further than this hearty roulade filled with maple and butternut squash. Using festive pecans and bright cranberries, a lovely crunch is added to this lovely dish. Plus, it's topped with sweet candied nuts and parsnip crisps too. Yum! 

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