3 fun and festive New Year’s Eve cocktails

Raise your glasses as 2020 is just around the corner! Here are three joyful drinks to 'clink' your glasses to on the countdown

3 fun and festive New Year’s Eve cocktails

Throwing a New Year's Eve party? Surely by now you know what you’re wearing – but have you got the drinks sorted, too? Champagne and sparkling wine are the ultimate celebratory beverages, as is mulled wine during the chilly season, although let’s face it, there’s nothing more exciting than a pretty cocktail. Here are three festive New Year's Eve cocktail recipes that are easy, simple, and look beautiful. There’s even a non-alcoholic recipe in there too, so nobody's left empty-cocktail handed.

Funfetti martini:

Dazzling with 100’s and 1000’s, this rainbow cocktail is the perfect sweet starter to excite guests. Wetting the rims of the martini glasses in water, and dipping them in the sprinkles, makes for an ultra-fun looking work of art that will promise a ‘wow’ when served. It happens to be completely dairy-free too.

Festive cosmopolitan:

Name us a drink that makes you feel fancier than a cosmopolitan – we dare you! Just to make this lush cocktail even more spectacular, it’s been festi-fied with a perky red cranberry and a sprig of rosemary. It also works well with candied fruits (like glacé cherries) if you're looking for something shiny to garnish.

nosecco buck's fizz slushy:

This classic bubbles and orange juice concoction uses Nosecco – AKA non-alcoholic Prosecco – for something lighter this New Year's Eve. Not only does it look bright and tasty, but you can enjoy as many as you like and skip the god-awful hangover. 

Find everything you need to make these festive drinks online or pop into your local store.