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30 second snack ideas for kids who can’t wait for dinner

Simple and tasty snack ideas to tide starving students over until dinner time

30 second snack ideas for kids who can’t wait for dinner

It's a tale as old as time. Kids come from school, dump their shoes and bags in the hallway, and immediately head to the kitchen in search of snacks - just like clockwork.

It doesn't matter whether dinner's in 15 minutes or two hours. Those hungry pupils need to keep their energy levels up after a busy day doing their thing in the classroom.

We've compiled a list of nutritious, easy snack ideas that take less than a minute to prepare, so your school day survivors can top up their energy levels without dragging you away from your own to-do list, safely in the knowledge that they aren't going to spoil their dinner. 

Prepped fruit snacks

Ready-prepped fruit bags are a brilliant snack and easy way to get fruit into kids' diets. What's more, with our 5 for £1.50 deal, you can stock up on watermelon slices, pineapple sticks, pear wedges and more for every day of the week, so you know there's always something healthy waiting for them when you get home. They work brilliantly in lunchboxes, too!


Who doesn't love a pot of wobbly jelly? Our sugar-free individual servings come in delicious flavours like strawberry, orange, raspberry and peach, and make brilliant afterschool snacks - and, coming in at under 40 calories per portion, you don't have to worry about them spoiling their dinner with snacking either!

Seed mixes

Seeds are great sources of Omega 3 - healthy fats that help to keep you feeling satisfied and full for longer.

These handy grab-bags of seeds make great snacks for kids. Each bag mixes together different seeds, nuts and dried fruit to create different flavour combinations - we love the apple and cinnamon, cocoa and orange and berry and chia mixes. Try sprinkling some onto a pot of Greek yogurt for a nutritious and filling snack.

Pineapple and lime

Feeling fancy? Try squirting a little fresh lime over tinned pineapple chunks to perk them up and give them a taste of tropical shores. Delish! And don't forget our whole range of tinned fruit - from mandarin and pear, to prunes and apples.


If you've got a bit of time you can make your own popcorn from scratch in a pan in about five minutes, and add whatever flavours you fancy - whether that's a bit of paprika, hard cheese or herbs. But for hungry mouths that require popcorn immediately, try Propercorn for Kids, which comes in either Tomato Ketchup or Simply Sweet flavours, and is handily divided into five individual packets. Easy peasy popcorn.

Got some schoolday scoffers in your house that are in need of pre-dinner snacks? Stock up on everything you need to keep their tummies happy online or pop into your local store.