Easy canapés for Christmas & New Year’s Eve

Whip up a canapé platter with these moreish morsels

Easy canapés for Christmas & New Year’s Eve

Get your party hats on, because the festive period is here! Enjoy these yummy bites at home and cosy up! What’s more, each perfect canapé needs just four ingredients! Delicious AND simple!

From smoked salmon blinis to tempting duck nibbles, scroll on to find out more.


Crispy, fresh and still hot from the oven, crab cakes (left). Spring onions add a lovely texture and flavour. Serve with a little sweet chilli sauce or soured cream for dipping.


A true cocktail party classic, smoked salmon blinis (above, right) are the perfect appetiser to accompany any festive fizz.

Broad Bean and ricotta Crostinis

These vegetarian canapés are simple to make with their yummy blend of creamy cheese and broad beans.


For a canapé straight from the Med, try combining chorizo, feta and black olives. Rich and salty, this flavoursome bite is the perfect canapé to accompany a glass of bubbles.

Duck Nibbles

Fruity and savoury at the same time, these moreish duck bites (second from left) are not only flavoursome but also super impressive.

Prosciutto, pear and Brie bites

Salty prosciutto, sweet pear and creamy Brie may all be delicious in their own right, but combine them in one for a truly heavenly bite (above, fourth from left).

Feeling inspired to whip up some easy canapés? Find everything you need to craft your party nibbles online here.