Slow cooker curries hero

Slow cooker curries for a stress-free dinner

For those juggling a lot right now, these slow cooker curries are the perfect stress-free solution for dinner time

Slow cooker curries for a stress-free dinner

The slow cooker has become one of the most popular kitchen gadgets – and for good reason. With only a small amount of planning and preparation, you can end your day with a stress-free dinner, even when you're finding you have a lot to juggle.

Plus, you're not limited to casseroles and stews – curry is the perfect slow cooker dish to try. Simply add the ingredients and let the magic happen... 

Whether it's time or energy that is in short supply, we've got you covered, with 4 delicious slow cooker curry recipes to help you through the week.


Slow cooker lamb rogan josh

A classic curry staple, with lamb as the star of the show. Cooking this fragrant dish all day allows the flavours to infuse, making the meat tender and full of flavour. Drizzle with mint yogurt when you're ready to eat.

Vegan pepper, squash and spinach biryani

A colourful rice dish that everyone can enjoy. Each mouthful is packed full of wonderful tastes and textures, with spices, vibrant veg, cashews and sweet pomegranate – yum!

Dairy-free turmeric chicken curry

Dairy-free? No problem! This fragrant chicken dish is made with coconut milk for added creaminess. Simply pop all of the raw ingredients into your slow cooker and leave to simmer gently for six hours. Top with dairy-free yogurt, coriander and flaked almonds to finish.

Vegan tofu panang peanut curry

Add a little twist to your curry dinner by serving it with noodles instead of rice! With a prep time of only 10 minutes, this vegan delight will soon become a homemade classic. Creamy spiced coconut milk combines with sweet potato, pak choi and crunchy peanuts, making this tofu curry an easy win.

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