4 ultimate pie topper recipes

Crown your favourite pies with herbs, veg and more, and give these comforting dishes a fun twist

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4 ultimate pie topper recipes

As the temperature continues to drop, we crave more nights indoors curled up on the couch, with the scent of what's baking in the oven filling the space around you.

These four comforting pie recipes offer alternative toppings, that you may have never thought of before. They're a simple way to impress your guests next dinner party, and are also great dishes to serve for Christmas. 

Root vegetable rosti-topped cottage pie

The classic cottage pie uses creamy mash to top, yet this quirky alternative opts for crispy carrot, parsnip, and sweet potato to keep the tender beef mince snug.

Crispy potato and lamb hotpot

This tempting pie dish uses hassleback potatoes to top its rich lamb casserole base. An all-time favourite to bake on a lazy Sunday, or to wow your friends with next time you're entertaining.


Cheese and potato pie with a herby shortcrust topping

What's more exciting than a gooey cheese-filled potato pie? Homemade thyme and chive shortcrust that encases it all together, of course! This exciting take on the family classic promises ooze with every bite, and lingering satisfaction. 

Beetroot and feta lattice pies 

These adorable pies are topped with homemade beetroot pastry arranged in a mesmerising lattice pattern. They're a great main dish for vegetarians, as well as those who enjoy a fun twist on classics.


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