4 vibrant mango recipes

Try this versatile fruit in a range of sweet and savoury dishes.

4 vibrant mango recipes

It might not be an ingredient you use that often in your kitchen, but this tangy fruit is super versatile. Bung it in a smoothie, blitz it into a dip, throw it in a curry (see below) or add a few yellow chunks to your tacos – it's a brilliant way to add some sweetness and a bit of tropical flavour to any dish. AND right now at Asda you can pick one up for just 49p*. What are you waiting for? 

TOP TIP: If your mango isn't quite ripe, store it in the fruit bowl rather than the fridge. Putting it next to a banana may help it to ripen even faster! 

Mango and apple fizz

This fruity soft drink (pictured on the right) is the perfect non-alcoholic tipple to try this Dry January. Pop in some ginger to add a spicy zing to this fabulous mocktail. 

Prawn and Mango ceviche salad

Mix up your salad with an Ecuadorian twist. This zingy, fresh-flavoured dish is created by marinating raw prawns in citrus juice to cure them AND includes our fave new ingredient –  mango. 

Chicken and mango curry 

We all know that curry and mango are a match made in heaven – hello, mango chutney! But this innovative recipe takes your curry up a notch with juicy mango pieces featured in the curry itself. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it! 

Fruit Coconut rice pudding

And for pud? Give this classic, 'school dinners' dessert a tropical makeover with a colourful topping of mango, coconut, pineapple and pomegranate. Just grab a spoon! 

Fancy whipping up one of these recipes? Stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.

*Price available until the 18th January 2021.