Cauliflower buffalo wings with chive and garlic vegan mayo

4 ways with cauliflower

Switch things up with this versatile veg and our reinventions of meaty classics

4 ways with cauliflower

There is a lot more to cauliflower than the vegetable traditionally boiled, steamed or covered in cheese (although we do love this!). In fact, it makes a great plant-based meat alternative.

Cauliflower is a versatile veg that is bursting with flavour and can be transformed in a few simple steps. Here are four different ingenious ways you can cook up a vegan or vegetarian feast with the humble veg:


With this dish, wings won't be off the menu for veggies! The spicy and crispy coating turns cauliflower into a true treat and served with a vegan garlic mayo, it's perfect if you can't eat dairy too.


Swap out beef and let cauliflower take centre stage with this 'steak' recipe. Topped with an Argentinian-inspired chimichurri sauce, chargrilling the cauliflower turns it into a hearty dish. Served with a refreshing rocket salad it's an impressive vegan eat.


Did you know you can transform cauliflower rice into a pizza base? It's simple, too, making it a great option if you are after easy gluten-free recipes. We like ours topped with prosciutto, mozzarella and tomatoes.


Cauliflower, harissa and feta cheese combine to make these delicious golden bites. Whip up a batch next time your hosting and serve with a zingy chutney for a moreish starter or nibble that's sure to please a crowd.

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