4 ways with clementines

Give your loved ones a delicious, edible citrussy gift to remember this Christmas

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4 ways with clementines

Fresh and fruity, clementines are a true taste of Christmas.

But why do we associate this refreshing citrus with the chilly winter months?

In The Netherlands, it is believed that St. Nicholas would toss gold down the chimneys of the less wealthy at Christmas, which would land in the stockings hanging over the fireplace. Clementines and oranges are used to represent the gold. Clementines are also the perfect fruit for sharing, thanks to their segments - and that's what Christmas is all about - the season of giving!

In celebration of the sweet clementine, we've come up with some Christmassy recipes that make the most of this fresh and zesty citrus fruit. Scroll on to check out our festive ideas...


This Christmas, give your loved ones a homemade gift that shows how much you care. Sweet and zesty, we've replaced lemons with clementines in this fruity take on limoncello, the classic Italian liqueur. Enjoy over ice, or topped up with some sparkling water.

Candied clementine slices

These candied clementine slices are delicious as an after-dinner treat or even as a cake decoration. Dip the slices in melted dark chocolate to up the indulgence factor.

Clementine and gin marmalade

This tangy citrus preserve has a boozy kick thanks to the addition of a good glug of gin. We've added some extra juniper to bring out the gin's own floral aromatics. Try replacing the strawberry jam in a Victoria sponge with a layer of this zesty marmalade for a fresh and fruity cake perfect for parties.

Chocolate clementine fudge

Grated clementine zest and cranberries add fruity flavours to this fudge recipe, making it perfect for Christmas gifting.

Have our festive clementine recipes given you some inspiration for some delicious, edible Christmas presents? Make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.