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4 ways with Savoy cabbage

Welcome to Savoy cabbage season! Here are four ways to enjoy this versatile vegetable

4 ways with Savoy cabbage

Hooray, it's Savoy cabbage season! This leafy vegetable can be used in so many dishes, and is an easy way to add a burst of greens to all of your meals.

Below, enjoy four Savoy cabbage dishes that are a breeze to create. Whether it's simmered through soups, wrapped around vegetables, tossed through pastas or baked with eggs, your Savoy cabbage journey starts here…

Curried lentil and cabbage soup with pulled ham

Lentil soup is the ultimate winter warmer, and with so many different variations, you can enjoy it all year long. Our recipe uses a kick of curry, tender honey-roast ham, and our favourite Savoy cabbage for extra crunch.

Vegan stuffed cabbage rolls

These vegan cabbage-wrapped parcels look adorable tucked in a tray, and are an impressive main for your next dinner party. Serving a parcel per guest, they're crammed with spiced butternut squash, hearty beans and a bite of chilli. 


Spaghetti with Savoy cabbage, leek and smoked bacon lardons

Enjoy the joys of both savoury and smoky flavours in this comforting spaghetti dish. If you're after a quick dinner option that doesn't skimp on quality and dazzles with colour, this one's for you!

Savoy cabbage and sweet potato hash with eggs

A fancy breakfast, rustic lunch and easy dinner, our baked eggs dish uses a medley of red peppers, onions and chillies to bring it to life. The Savoy cabbage lifts the dish with bright greens and offers a lovely earthy taste.

Inspired by these delicious savoy cabbage recipes? Find everything you need to make them and more at Asda.com or pop into your local store.