Tomato medley tarte tatin square

4 ways with tomatoes

Make the most of tomato season with these ultra-tasty, summery lunch and supper ideas

4 ways with tomatoes

In season from June through to October, we like to gorge on as many tomatoes as we can get our hands on (and, frankly, there's nothing wrong with having a glut of them to use up).

After all, we're talking about one versatile vegetable (or, should we say, fruit). Roasted up with garlic and herbs, tomatoes can be blitzed into the tastiest soup (delicious with a cheese toastie!). Or how about a classic tomato passata – unbeatable when dolloped over spaghetti or smeared onto pizza dough. Finally, the humble tomato and mozzarella salad is a thing of true beauty, sprinkled generously with fresh basil leaves.

As if you needed any more convincing on the wonders of the tomato, here are four mouthwatering ways to enjoy them…

Tomato medley Tarte Tatin 

Not one, but two types of tomatoes have been combined in this recipe, to make a mouth-watering tarte tatin. Although it looks very impressive, this dish is so easy to make – and with very little prep time. Serve with salad and crusty bread, for the perfect summer lunch or supper.

Vegan confit tomatoes with thyme and garlic on sourdough toast 

Roasted up with garlic, thyme and olive oil, sweet and tender tomatoes are delicious served atop griddled sourdough, for a delicious veggie appetizer or lunch

Sausage and risotto-stuffed tomatoes 

Want to know how to make a handful of beef tomatoes go further? Look no further! Fill them with a hearty mix of risotto rice, butternut squash and smoky sausage, and serve with a side of peppery rocket.

Vegan tray-baked pasta sauce with tomatoes, herbs and balsamic

One surefire way to make those tomatoes even tastier is to roast them up with garlic, onion, sugar, thyme and balsamic vinegar… You can mash them up by hand or throw them in a blender, before spooning over pasta for a quick and simple dinner (not to mention a terrific crowd-pleaser).

In the mood for one of these tasty tomato recipes? Stock up on everything you need online, or pop into your local store for ingredients.