4 ways with traybakes

Just swap in or out anything you like – easy!

4 ways with traybakes

Nothing says easy like a good old reliable traybake; especially right now when we're looking for flexible recipes that make the most of any vegetable, meat, or protein you have.

Not only are traybakes quick and easy to prepare and wash up, but with some simple garnishing they’re incredibly delicious. Here are four traybake recipes that can be chopped and changed to whatever you fancy:

Chicken, Olive and Lemon Traybake with a Pearl Cous Cous Salad

This tasty traybake is great for lunch or dinner, and its use of olives, garlic and dried oregano give it a Mediterranean flavour. Any meat or protein would work well in this dish as well as any vegetable, but keep the delicious flavouring.

For a meat-free alternative, try swapping the chicken for cauliflower steaks, tofu, or halloumi, and if you don't have olives, use anchovies or capers to keep the lovely salty taste. Don't have lemons? Don't worry, oranges or limes will do. Enjoy with a side of grains or rice, this recipe uses pearl cous cous.

Sausage Traybake

There are so many delicious foods that pair with pork sausages, like juicy tomatoes, roast potatoes and grilled mushrooms, and in this traybake you could enjoy them all. It’s a simple and impressive morning treat, and if you happen to have a can of beans handy, heat them up for a full English breakfast feast. It's also fantastic for dinner as a quick and easy meal.

If you're not a pork sausage fan, chicken or beef sausages work well, and if you prefer no meat at all, swap the meat sausages for veggie ones. Most vegetables you have will work nicely in this traybake.

Fillet of Fish Traybake with Peppers and Broccoli

Peppers and broccoli are roasted with tender white fish in this traybake that’s full of flavour. The burst of green from the broccoli and splash of red from the peppers make this a fun looking dish too.

Any white fish or salmon from the fresh aisle would work well as an alternative to this dish, and leaf greens are a great meat substitute as they contain iron and vitamin k which are also found in fish. Tofu flavoured with lemon is another great veggie or vegan option.

Salmon and Mediterranean Veg Traybake

This one-tray meal uses salmon fillets with a Mediterranean vegetable mix and soft Italian gnocchi. The soft potato pastas are a great addition to this colourful bake, and also bulk out the dish, which needs only 30-35 minutes in the oven.

Try swapping out salmon with trout, white fish, or prawns: Trout would be the most suitable like-for-like replacement; white fish can be cooked just like salmon yet is more flaky; and prawns (although not similar looking) offer similar flavours to salmon and are also meaty textured. Any veg goes well with salmon and many types of fish, so use whatever it is that you have.

For more 4 Ways With content head to our recipes page; remember you can mix and match traybakes with whatever you like!