The best scone recipes

Celebrate Afternoon Tea Week with these tasty twists on tradition

The best scone recipes

We may not be sure exactly where the humble scone was invented, but one thing's for sure – it's mighty popular.

Using the basic ingredients of butter, flour and milk, the scone is a simple and easy bake to pass the time at home. Served alongside jam and clotted cream (on a tiered cake stand), this afternoon classic oozes elegance. But tweak that recipe ever so slightly and you'll arrive at something totally different.

Here are five ideas on how to add a tasty twist on tradition that will work with what you have in the fridge or freezer. Now, mixing bowls at the ready..

The classic: Scones and clotted cream

You knew we had to include this hot-seller in the line up. The recipe is simple – flour, butter, milk and sugar. Mix to a soft dough before rolling, cutting and baking. Then for the really delicious part – topping each half scone with as much clotted cream and jam as you can handle. 

Check out our tips for making the perfect scone, here.

A savoury twist: potato scones 

A little trivia for you: in their original form, scones were made to be plate-sized and flat, before being cut into slices – much like this one. Our recipe mixes potato with flour, and is delicious served with hot bacon and poached eggs, Scottish (or Irish) style.

A taste of holiday: cheesy chorizo scones 

For a Spanish twist on a British classic, bake these little savoury nuggets the day before and serve with sticky, sweet onion chutney. In need of a veggie option? Swap out the chorizo for sundried tomatoes for ultimate summer vibes!

Extra special: Blueberry scones 

Made with fresh blueberries, these scones are perfection when served with zingy lemon curd and a dollop of creamy mascarpone. Don't have blueberries? Throw in whatever's on offer – chunks of strawberry, raspberries or blackberries. Even blackcurrants! Delicious.

for lunch: cheesy Scones with smoked salmon

Another savoury scone recipe, this mixture has been flavoured with mature Cheddar, chopped chives and a pinch of mustard powder. Serve these beauties warm, with a generous spread of cream cheese and thinly sliced smoked salmon. 

low-calorie: Cinnamon apple scones 

These tasty cinnamon apple scones have been given a low cal twist – they're made using yogurt instead of butter. Topped with a sweet, vanilla-flavoured glaze, serve simply with extra thick yogurt, and juicy fresh blackberries.

Head online to stock up on all the ingredients you will need. Or why not pop into your local store!