5 carrot dishes your kids will love

Struggling to get your kids to eat veg? Try whipping up one of these tasty and nutritious dishes

5 carrot dishes your kids will love

If you've ever had a stand-off with your kids over their refusal to eat their vegetables, you're certainly not alone. 

Veg Power has partnered with ITV to launch Eat Them To Defeat Them, a mission to get kids excited about eating veg – and we are 100% behind them.

This week is all about the carrot, which can be thrown into soups, pasta sauces, roasted or served raw as a crudité. Naturally sweet and crunchy, we reckon this is an easy one to conquer. 

Here are a few delicious ways you can crush the carrot...

Carrot-patch houmous pots

Little Chantenay carrots are perfect for assembling these cute houmous pots. With nuts at the bottom of each glass and sprinkled on top, kids can munch on these while they're waiting for their dinner.

Glazed carrots

Smothered in honey, mustard and orange juice before being roasted in the oven, these carrots are sweet, sticky, addictive and are ready to demolish.

carrot and beetroot fritters

Shred up those critters with some beetroot and shape into thin fritters, to serve with creamy yogurt. We're coming for you, carrots...

Mega carrot cake 

Grate your carrots to smithereens and throw them into this nutty cake batter. Adding both moisture and sweetness, we challenge any youngster to turn down a slice of this deliciousness.

ginger carrot smoothie

Blended into a smoothie with cashews, coconut water, ginger and lemon, these carrots never stood a chance. This makes the perfect breakfast time juice or afternoon pick-me-up for kids.

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