Homemade porridge

5 porridge toppers for warming winter mornings

There’s nothing like starting your day with a lovely bowl of porridge

5 porridge toppers for warming winter mornings

When it’s so chilly outside that you don’t want to leave your bed, there is one breakfast that is sure to help – porridge!

From simple fresh fruit to more jazzy dessert-inspired porridge toppers, these recipes are sure to leave you feeling toasty and warm, and ready to take on the day.

Triple berry compote

This yummy compote is ideal for a quick and delicious breakfast. Make it in advance so you can dollop and dig in first thing in the morning. We like to make it with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Carrot cake (Sort OF)

Push the boat out with this cake-inspired breakfast. Mix in carrot, raisins and spices when you make your porridge, then sprinkle walnuts and a drizzle of honey.

Fresh fruit

Raid your fruit bowl and heap on the apples, bananas and berries to get one, two or even three portions of your five a day and a breakfast bowl bursting with goodness.

Jams and spreads

Sometimes the classic ones are the best – top your porridge with your favourite jam and it will be just right. Or, get a little creative with other spreads in your cupboard like peanut butter or chocolate spread.

Nuts and spices

One for the weekend, perhaps, this mince pie-inspired porridge is an indulgent winter-warmer. Yes, it’s not Christmas time, but why can’t sultanas and cinnamon be eaten all year round? Sprinkle with almonds and brown sugar for extra crunch.

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