Nutella and baileys fudge

6 different ways to cook with Nutella

This indulgent hazelnut cocoa spread can do so much more than bring chocolatey goodness to toast

6 different ways to cook with Nutella

We all know that Nutella goes deliciously on bread and atop a pancake or two, but the humble Italian spread can also pack a punch as a cooking ingredient in its own right.

What better time to experiment with the beloved spread than on World Nutella Day?! From a nutty hot choc drink to a gooey bake or a choc-tastic brunch, whatever you fancy, we've got just the recipes for celebrating the heavenly combination of chocolate and hazelnuts that is Nutella.

Here are six recipes that use Nutella like you've never tried before:

Microwaveable Nutella and baileys fudge

There are so many things to love about this Nutella fudge: 1) The recipe only takes 10 minutes to make (plus chilling time) and all you have to do is melt the mixture in the microwave for about 20 seconds, 2) Nutella, and 3) Baileys. Need we say more? Whether it's a treat for you or portioned up for presents, this fudge is a big winner in our book.


Nutella and mixed berry brioche bruschetta

The traditional Italian starter gets a makeover in this breakfast brioche recipe. The sweet brioche base is topped with a layer of Nutella and berries of your choice before being garnished with almonds, mint and a dusting of icing sugar for a final flourish. It's just the brunch recipe to bring a little fun to your morning.



Get baking with this recipe that's got double the Nutella for double the yum! Ready in 30 mins, these cupcakes are baked with the chocolate spread and finished with an icing also full of it. Sprinkle with hazelnuts for a crunchy finish.


Nutella Chocolate Chip cookies

If you're more of a cookie person, these Nutella choc chip biscuits are for you! The gooey Nutella centre is irresistible and takes the classic cookie to the next level with chocolatey and nutty goodness.  


Ice cream, banana and Nutella waffle tacos

Instead of a traditional Nutella pancake, go all out with these waffles! Filled with ice cream and banana, these 'tacos' are crowned with a coating of frozen Nutella and almonds. It's a mouth-lickingly good recipe and is best served with raspberries for an extra fruity hit.

S'mores hot chocolate

Why eat your Nutella when you could drink it? This recipe transforms s'mores - the all-American fire-side snack - into a warming hot chocolate. With chocolate and Nutella melted together and a marshmallow and digestive biscuit topping, this hot chocolate is as much a dessert as it is a warming drink and we are here for it. 

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