6 ways you’ve never thought of eating a Chocolate Orange

The stocking filler gets a new lease of life!

6 ways you’ve never thought of eating a Chocolate Orange

Anyone who gets a stocking this Christmas will, more likely than not, find a Terry’s Chocolate Orange nestled into the bottom next to that pair of novelty socks. Yes, you can just sit there on the sofa watching EastEnders eating segment by segment until you’re left with that chocolately core – OR you could try something a bit different this year.

We’ve put together 6 ways you can eat your Chocolate Orange that might just make that classic stocking filler feel like the best present you’ve ever received…

1. Grate it over porridge

Remember the days of chocolate Ready Brek? Well you can make a grown-up version with Chocolate Orange! Simply grate over the top of a steaming bowl of porridge, then stir in for a chocolatey dream of a breakfast.

2. Make mini Christmas puddings

Melt white chocolate in a pan over boiling water, then drizzle over the top of a Chocolate Orange. Pop a fresh cranberry on top and leave to set. After Christmas dinner you could put three or four on the dinner table to have with tea and coffee – people will love dipping into them, plus they look super cute!

3. Make your own Chocolate Orange croissants

Pop a segment into the middle of Jus-Rol Bake-It-Fresh Croissants, and they’ll turn out like pain-au-chocolat with an orange twist! If you were feeling super swanky you could grate a bit over the top as well at the end. Hello festive breakfast!

4. Use as a fan decoration

If you’re making a chocolate tart for one of your Christmas desserts, why not arrange Chocolate Orange segments in a fan shape on top for the ultimate wow-factor! For a bit of colour you could also add some orange zest over the top.

5. Chocolate orange-flavoured brownies

Take brownies to the next level by adding orange flavouring to amazing brownies, then topping with miniature chocolate orange segments. Get the recipe for our amazing chocolate orange brownies.

6. Chocolate Orange Rice Krispie cakes


Make Rice Krispie cakes using melted Chocolate Orange. Mold them into balls, then present them back in the Terry’s Chocolate Orange wrapping, or try making them look like Christmas pudding like these (above)

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