sausage cassoulet

6 simple sausage recipes to inspire your meal planning

Is there anything better than a classic toad in the hole?

6 simple sausage recipes to inspire your meal planning

Sausages! Arguably the most versatile food product in the supermarket. Not many foods you can eat for breakfast lunch and dinner, right? Sausages are an integral part of a proper English fry up for brekkie, they make the most awesome sandwich with ketchup on white bread for lunch, and they can be found in many a dinner from classic sausage and mash to toad in the hole.

And just when we thought we couldn’t be any more excited about the humble sausage, Asda have won Product of the Year* for our Extra Special sausage range, because, well, they’re pretty special.

The range includes favourites like the chipolata (ideal for a cooked breakfast or a hot dog), the classic Cumberland (which is amazing with mashed potato), to the more adventurous pork and sweet chilli sausages (perfect on the BBQ) and the American-inspired bacon and maple syrup sausages (which would go really well with roasted root vegetables). 

To celebrate this coveted award we’ve rounded up our favourite sausage recipes to inspire your cooking. And although it probably doesn’t need a recipe, we strongly recommend cooking up a sausage butty this weekend for brunch. Trust us, now you’ve read this you won’t get a sausage sarnie out your head…

Onion gravy with sausage and mash

The key to this classic bangers and mash dish is the slow cooked onion gravy. You let the onions sweat and cook down for 30 minutes to make them extra sweet and delicious. Don't be tempted to rush this part as it really does make the most amazing gravy. You could have this on Saturday night, if you can wait that long, that is!

Sausage cassoulet

This classic French dish would be amazing for a rustic dinner party. Put the pot in the middle of the table and let people dish it out themselves. Serve with crusty bread and butter and you'll feel like you're in a Bordeaux farmhouse. You could grab a bottle of red wine, too to complete the fantasy.

Sausage muffins

If you're a fan of a very famous fast-food restaurant that does a morning burger, then this is for you. Plus, it's ten times as tasty. This sausage egg muffin is a great alternative to an English fry up and is pretty easy to do four in one go. Using the sausage meat to make a burger and cooking the egg in a metal ring is the key to this amazing breakfast. And don't forget the floppy cheese!

Toad in the hole

Whoever came up with putting batter and sausages together deserves a medal. A true British favourite, toad in the hole is the ultimate food. This batter contains mustard, but you could leave it out if your little ones don't like it. Try it this Friday and you'll be everyone's favourite.

Sausage balls with pasta

To illustrate how versatile sausages really are, we've chosen this sausage balls with pasta recipe, which involves taking the sausage meat out of its casing and shaping into balls. Like a cheat's meatball recipe, this is a perfect midweek meal. 

Butternut squash, sausage and spinach hash

If you're looking for a new way to serve sausages that doesn't involve white potatoes, then this easy bake using butternut squash could be for you. If you don't like squash you could also try sweet potato.


Find our whole range of Extra Special award-winning sausages including chipolatas, Cumberlands, Lincolnshires and much more online or at your local store.

*Winner food category. Survey 11,637 people by TNS