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7 ways to enjoy a taste of Christmas at your desk

It's never to early to have a taste of Christmas

7 ways to enjoy a taste of Christmas at your desk

If you’re tired of eating the same old soup for lunch, getting weary of having you’re usual go-to meal, or just fancy trying something new to snack on - we’ve got you covered.

Christmas is under two months away but that’s still too long to wait for turkey enthusiasts and mince pie lovers to get their first taste of the typical festive flavours.

To get your eating regime on the right track we’ve come up with ways you can enjoy festive delights from the comfort of your own desk.

Parsnip and Pork Curry

Parsnips aren’t only there to be roasted with a honey glaze and eaten with your Sunday roast.

Why not mix up your everyday lunch with our parsnip and pork curry? Even better that it only takes 30 minutes to make and this version serves four people

Christmas sandwiches

Sandwiches may seem like you’re typical Monday go-to, but add some turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce into the mix and you’ll be in food heaven.

This year, Asda has launched a range of 11 different Christmas sandwiches - you'll be able to spot them on the shelves by the bright red festive packaging.

But, it's the new premium range of festive sandwiches that's really exciting - you can choose from the Ultimate Turkey Dinner, or new flavours which include Roast Beef and Blacksticks Blue Cheese and the veggie options of Beetroot Falafel and Wensleydale Cheese with Carrot Chutney (see above).

Also new to Asda's shelves is a Smoked Salmon, Prawns and Cream Cheese sandwich (see above), which has come up trumps in the Daily Mail's 'New for 2016' festive sandwich category. According to the critique, the lunchtime sandwich 'far outstrips its rivals'.

Green and red coloured food only 

Or how about creating a packed lunch based on Christmas colours of red and green?

From red and green peppers to sugar snap peas, grapes skewered on long food picks to make mini fruit kebabs and strawberry yoghurt topped with  Christmas tree sprinkles - it all makes for an interesting festive lunch. 

Mushroom and chesnut pithivier

As well as making the perfect Christmas showstopper, this mushroom and chesnut pithivier would also make a festive addition to your lunch box.

Salmon & potato soup  

Salmon is often enjoyed for the main Finnish feast on Christmas Eve, and is also popular on Christmas Day and Boxing Day too.

To add a twist to you’re usual tomato or oxtail soup for that matter, this creamy soup called Lohikeitto makes a welcome change.

The dish consists of salmon fillets, boiled potatoes and leeks and if you serve this up with a slice of rye bread and butter you’re sure to be filled until dinner time.

Star sandwiches  

It’s easy to add a touch of festive fun to your food by experimenting with different cookie cutters or adding small seasonal details.

You can liven up all the families lunches with these cute sandwich creations which are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. 

Festive sausage rolls 

Sausage rolls are always a winner when it comes to pack lunches. This recipe comes completed with cranberries – helping to give you that festive touch too!

To stock up on all your festive food, head to or your local Asda store.