Asda comes up trumps when buying big brand products

Some insight to help make you a savvier shopper

Asda comes up trumps when buying big brand products

Every month, Which? magazine compares prices on a selected number of big brand items across all the major supermarkets, to help customers decide where the best value can be found.

The outcome of October’s independent review shows that Asda came up trumps

In October - and for the seventh month running - Asda came up trumps. 

The cost of a basket of 75 popular branded products like Flora, Tetley and Weetabix, was £142.64 at Asda, beating the competition for value.  

Which is brilliant news for savvy shoppers, particularly as we approach Christmas, when there's lots of pressure on the purse strings!  

So, why not take advantage of some of these great deals by getting creative in the kitchen with some of those value branded products? 

To help inspire you, we’ve shown how you can use one of those much-loved brands - Heinz baked beans - to lift your favourite winter meals. 

Cheats Boston baked beans

This tasty twist on an American classic is a heart-warming dish that’s simple to prepare and makes the perfect feast too!

Baked beans on toast 

If you’re in a rush, need to whip up something for the kids to feast on quickly or just fancy eating baked beans on toast (because you can) – why not add a touch of Worcestershire sauce to lift it?


Billycan beans 

Here’s another American-style baked beans recipe with packs a spicy kick!

These billycan beans would be a great topping for hot dogs, baked potatoes or eating alone if it takes your fancy. They would also be great to make in a baked beans tin if you go camping (or glamping) as it's sure to get all the kids sitting round the campfire and mucking in. 

Sausage and bean casserole

Fuss-free meals are the best types of dinners to cook - especially when it's been a long day and there's not a lot in the fridge.

Simply replace the butter beans in this recipe with baked beans. It can all be cooked at the same time, so while it gets warmed through, you can get on with your Christmas to-do list. 

Baked bean omelette

Four ingredients are all you need for this creation: eggs, baked beans, butter and pepper. 

An omelette recipe is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you can be creative with your flavour combinations by adding in tomatoes, some basil, spinach or even bacon. 

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