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Ideas to inspire this year’s Christmas cake

From a classic panettone to chocolate-filled creations -there is something everybody will love!

Ideas to inspire this year’s Christmas cake

It’s nearly that time of year already with the Christmas decorations adorning shop windows, the cold and wintery weather setting in and the endless festive songs played everywhere you go.

For many, Christmas is often a time to catch up with old friends and family members and (more often than not) it involves eating to your heart’s content.

For years, a traditional rich fruit cake has been a firm favourite for dessert lovers with its moist texture, sugary coating and the fact many will keep for up to three months.

Or if raisins, dates and brandy isn't your style, why not create a Christmas-inspired gingerbread cake complete with all the festive toppings? 

To help you whip together your ultimate Christmas cake (which will be suitable for all your guests), we've rounded up a range of ideas, decorations and recipes you can use to ensure you wow all your diners.

Masterclass Christmas cake

Get ahead with your Christmas preparations and you'll be rewarded with a rich, moist fruit cake that's ready for icing and decorating in December.

With just six steps to complete in this method, you'll have a cake with raisins, sultanas and currants in no time. 

Chocolate twist

Or if you and you're family are chocolate lovers, why not create a chocolate-filled cake you know is going to be a winner?

Using our Special Occasion Chocolate Cake recipe for the inside (filled with chocolatey-goodness), you could top the cake with Christmas figurines such as reindeer antlers, snowman or you could place a white icing on top to create the traditional look. 

Ginger & fruit mountain cake


If you're looking for a showstopper to place on the table this Christmas, then this three-tiered creation fits the script!

You can let your imagination fly with this cake and exactly how you decide to decorate is completely up to you. We think it would look lovely decorated with candy canes, dolly mixtures and liquorice allsorts. 

Robin cake

Icing, snowy chocolate logs and adorable edible robins help to make this robin cake something that everyone is going to love. 


Despite this not being a traditional Christmas cake, this marzipan-filled sweet fruit bread which feeds 20 was originally made with only flour, yeast and water, and eaten at Advent.

You could go to town with the decorations by adding festive holly leaves made out of icing, a ribbon or even a dusting of icing sugar. 

Masterclass panettone 

To really add a touch of finesse to your Christmas dinner, this classic panettone recipe will be something all your guests will love. 

Originally from Milan, these cake-like fruit breads have a lovely light, airy texture.

Not only are they great for Christmas but they make for an interesting dessert any time of year. 

You can stock up on all the ingredients needed to make your cake online at or at your local Asda store