Alice Liveing’s Top Tips For A Healthier Diet

Up your fruit and veg intake with the health guru's 'Clean Eating' guide...

Alice Liveing’s Top Tips For A Healthier Diet

Alice Liveing, knows a lot about healthy eating. A diet and health guru, she spends her days training and coming up with lip-smacking dishes composed of large quantities of fresh fruit and veg.

With everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Leonardo DiCaprio embracing the veggie vibe, we talked to the health expert about what it takes to get more veg into our diets, and how we can achieve a more balanced diet overall.

Here's her checklist for healthier eating:

Up your fruit and veg intake

'Eat lots of fruit and veg, seeds and pulses. It’s impossible to over-praise how good these nutrient-rich foods are for us. A diet with more fruit and vegetables (and less processed meat) closely follows the Eatwell Guide to a balanced diet.'

Try Meat-Free Monday

'If you think you’d struggle to give up meat completely, take a more integrative approach, rather than an all-or-nothing one. Set aside one day a week to being veggie. Have a ‘meat-free Monday’, then make a conscious effort for the rest of the week to include as much fruit and veg in your meals as you can with or without meat and/or fish.'

Think Exotic

'Make it more exciting by experimenting with fruit and veg from all over the world. If you’re watching the calories, you can pile your plate high without the guilt!'

Substitute, substitute, substitute

'You can buy ‘wonky’ veg from Asda that tastes just as good but is cheaper. Substitute meat with tofu and quinoa (both great sources of protein) or lentils.'

Gradually does it

'Don’t make too many dramatic changes to your diet or you’ll never stick to it. Gradually introduce more plant-based sources and it will be much easier.' 


Clean Eating Alice: The Body Bible by Alice Liveing, published by Harper Thorsons and is available in selected stores now.