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The Best Gluten Free Recipes Even Bread Lovers Will Enjoy

Satisfy your cravings once and for all with this selection of hearty recipes

The Best Gluten Free Recipes Even Bread Lovers Will Enjoy

Bread can be hard to beat. From bacon sandwiches to doughy pizza bases, anything carb-heavy and bread-based is the ultimate treat. When you're on a gluten-free diet however, or live with someone who is, it's extra important to create comfort food without the wheat. That's where these gluten-free recipes – that will appeal to even the most fervent bread lover – come in.

Whether you're a Coeliac or would just prefer a gluten-free alternative to weighty and carb-laden bread, you’ll love these gluten-free recipes...

If you're craving... pizza

Pizza is our ultimate luxury and while you may think that pizza is impossible to make gluten-free, this simply isn't so! Swap the bread for potato and voilà: a wheat-free treat everyone can enjoy!

Make it: Potato crust pizza

If you're craving... something covered in breadcrumbs

Looking for the oh-so-satisfying crunch of breadcrumbs without the wheat? Try some potato cakes with seeds. Make your snacks as bite sized as you want and you'll soon be crunching your way to happiness.

Make it: Seeded potato cakes

If you're craving... a sandwich

A salad can be as satisfying as a sandwich – you just need to add grains such as quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, millet and teff which are all fantastic substitutes for gluten-heavy dough. Chickpeas and potatoes make great salad companions too!

Make it: Beetroot Squash and Quinoa Salad; Warm chickpea & chorizo saladChimichurri potato salad

If you're craving... breadsticks

Harbouring a hankering for breadsticks? Why not make some chunky mixed vegetable crisps or batons and dip in your favourite (gluten-free) spread? You can even make your own paté to boot.

Make it: Mixed veg crispsMackerel pâté with veggie dippers

If you're craving... a baguette

A warm and crunchy baguette packed with delicious fillings can rarely be outdone, but when you can't eat wheat, why not turn to veg instead? Sturdy veg such as aubergine, sweet potato, courgette, potato and mushroom all make tasty alternatives when jam-packed with your favourite filling and lightly cooked. Just don't forget the cheese!

Make it: Stuffed aubergines with StiltonBaked potatoes stuffed with tuna & cheeseBlue cheese & prosciutto stuffed mushrooms

If you're craving... a wrap

Think you need wheat to make a good wrap? Think again. From savoury pancakes to lettuce fajitas, rolled aubergine, or even rolled fish, there are endless choices for a wrapped-up meal.

Make it: Rollmops with potato saladGluten-free crêpes

If you're craving... a homemade loaf

When you see people bringing their specially hollowed out loaf to a picnic filled with all sorts of delightful ingredients, it can be hard not to feel jealous. Instead, knock their socks off by turning up with your very own terraine. Yummy, filling and a feast for the eyes, you'll soon convert them to a gluten-free diet.

Make it: Gluten-free Terrine

If you're craving... cake

There's nothing like a bit of banana cake to take your mind off a gluten-free diet. 

Make it: Gluten-free banana & pecan cake

If you're craving... bread and butter pudding

We can't think of anything we'd rather eat right now than these peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwiches. 

Make it: Peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwiches

Not ready to give up bread just yet? Don't worry – you don't have to. Instead, help yourself to the fantastic selection of gluten-free breads at Asda.