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Take a trip through Italy with our Extra Special summer feast

From antipasti to authentic pizza and pasta and zesty desserts

Take a trip through Italy with our Extra Special summer feast

Imagine a sunny Saturday evening. The kitchen doors are open, there's a warm evening breeze and you’re sat sipping on an Aperol Spritz and nibbling on olives while you wait for your delicious pasta dish to cook. That’s the vision we all imagine when waiting to get home from work.

And now it’s easier than ever to recreate an authentic Tuscan summer feast at home with our new, expertly-sourced and rather delicious Extra Special Italian range. From plump and juicy olives, bursting creamy burrata and aperitifs, to crisp and delicious pizzas topped with the finest summer ingredients, big bowls of delicious pasta, and citrusy Sicilian desserts to round off the evening. All paired with our range of summer wines; perfect for enjoying with classic Italian flavours.

So all you need to do is invite your friends round, pick your favourite dishes from our new range, set the table, put on some relaxing tunes and chill; Italian style.


As the evening begins to draw in, pour yourself an aperitif; an Aperol Spritz or Negroni would be perfect to set your Italian scene. Then let people help themselves to nibbles, or antipasti. Lay out a wooden board with cured meats and our Extra Special burrata, which is a treat for the stomachs and eyes. The creamy cheese, which when cut oozes out of its buttery shell, goes with the rich meats and peppery raw vegetables, and makes for a delicious sharing plate. And don’t forget our Nocellara olives will soon transport you back to sitting in an Italian terrazza, watching the sun set.  

crisp and delicious PIZZAS

No Italian get-together would be complete without a crisp, woodfired pizza, topped with delicious mozzarella and the freshest toppings.

Our range of fresh and frozen Extra Special pizzas are stretched by hand in time-honoured fashion to create a crisp and bubbly crust. They're then delicately rolled out to create thin bases, which when fired up in the oven create a beautiful crunch on the bottom and a smoky flavour which permeates the dough. Then topped with specially selected toppings, these pizzas are something a bit special.

Looking for something with a bit of spice and bags of flavour? Our frozen Extra Special Salami & Nduja sausage Pizza combines a delicious sun-kissed tomato base with thin and moreish salami and spicy nduja sausage. Serve with a glass of Extra Special Chianti Riserva which has hints of cherry and can handle big, meaty flavours. 

Or if you’re looking for a shareable side dish, why not try our fresh Extra Special Sunblush Tomato & Italian Mascarpone Pizza which would pair perfectly with a peppery rocket and tomato salad, and a meat platter. Get everyone to dig in and it’ll be gone in an instant.

colourful bowls of PASTA

You can cater to everyone’s preferences with our range of Extra Special pastas. From stuffed girasole (sunflower-shaped ravioli), which are bursting with different indulgent flavours, to a tasty pasta bake with succulent sausage tumbled in a spicy n'duja tomato sauce and finished with fresh spinach and regato cheese shavings; there’s something for everyone.

We have a selection of colourful Italian girasole dishes to choose from, all of which have been lovingly prepared in Italy's Lombardy region to create a deliciously delicate pasta. You could try butternut squash & sage which is a classic Italian combination. The sweetness of the squash is perfect with the very savoury sage. We love this served on its own; just stir through a little melted butter and toss in some crispy sage leaves for the real Italian experience. Enjoy with a cold glass of fruity Extra Special Vernaccia.

Or opt for the fresh and zesty King Prawn & Lemon Girasole, which is perfect for seafood lovers. Serve with some freshly grated lemon zest and a drizzle of Extra Special Virgin Olive Oil

Pesto lovers will go crazy for the final girasole flavour; basil pesto. Spinach helps to give this pasta its green and vibrant colour which is bursting with fresh herby flavours. This delicate pasta will look totally tempting on the plate. You could try red or white wine for this dish, but we recommend Extra Speical Barbera, which is a bright and fruity red from the Piedmont region of Italy.

Cheese fans look no further than our Four Cheese Carbonara. Wonderfully rich, and scattered with diced pancetta; this is one to savour and enjoy with a glass of Extra Special Primitivo from Puglia in southern Italy.

zesty DESSERTs

Round off your Italian evening with something palate cleansing and sweet. Choose from our zesty Sicilian Lemon cheesecakes, or lemon & passion fruit posset for a real taste of Italian summer.

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