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Loose Women’s Andrea McLean on biscuits, omelette and curried goat

We talk to the Loose Woman about her fave foods...

Loose Women’s Andrea McLean on biscuits, omelette and curried goat

TV presenter Andrea McLean, 46, lives in Surrey with her children Finlay, 14, and Amy, nine. A journalist by day, when she's not discussing topical issues on the award-winning ITV lunchtime talk show 'Loose Women', she's writing about everything from interior design to family issues.

Having penned a bestselling biography, 'Confessions Of A Good Girl' in 2012, she's not afraid to be frank about her life, likes and dislikes. We caught up with the presenter and mother of two for a chat about food, family and travelling, in order to find out what foodie experiences have shaped her life.

What was your favourite childhood meal?

I grew up in Trinidad where I loved roti – curried meat, normally goat – and potatoes wrapped in a chapati. It’s a distinctive taste and utterly delicious.

When did you first start cooking?

From 11, I cooked my parents fried eggs, bacon, toast, beans and tomatoes on a Sunday. Mum admitted later they would secretly scrape it into the bin because it was always cold!

Your cooking inspiration?

My granny Jean was a canteen cook in a shipyard on the Clyde. Her table always groaned with cakes. She cooked right up until the day she died 15 years ago.

Do you diet? 

Back in 2012 I got a recurring shingles-like virus, so now I boost my immune system with food.

In what way? 

I always have a good nutritious breakfast of brown toast topped with crunchy peanut butter, banana and honey. For lunch, it’s a two-egg omelette with mushrooms, asparagus and cherry tomatoes and, usually, baked salmon for dinner. I snack on dates or figs.

Do you cook food from scratch? 

I’ve been allergic to lactose since 1992 so, yes, because I like to know there’s no dairy in what I’m eating.

What do you cook for your kids?

Both of them are meat-and-two-veg kids, so I cook a lot of chicken, vegetables and rice.

Most annoying kitchen habit?

Picking. I have to chop twice as many vegetables because I eat them before I’ve cooked them.

Your ideal dinner party guests? 

Bryan Adams with his guitar, Janet Street-Porter, who is a good laugh, and The Queen – it’s one of my life’s ambitions to meet her.

Restaurant of choice?

J Sheekey, a fish restaurant, in London. One of my favourite things is sitting at the bar and snacking on seafood.

Favourite roast?

Chicken. I use a foolproof Nigel Slater recipe that I ripped out of a magazine years ago. The key is rubbing butter under the skin. It comes out perfect every time.

Quick weekday supper? 

I heat up a packet of chickpeas, black peas and quinoa, stir in a tin of chilli- flavoured tuna and serve with spinach.

Biggest weakness?

I’m a biscuit monster and deeply unfaithful because I’m not loyal to a particular one – there are always biscuits in the Loose Women studio.

Top food treat?

Coco Pops. I just love them!

Best food experience abroad?

Eating from street vendors in Thailand when I was backpacking in my twenties. They’d create a plate of food to die for and charge about 10p.

What would your last supper be?

A lovely clean Japanese meal. I love the big lumps of marinated fish, which dissolve in my mouth. I tried Japanese food about 20 years ago – I thought it would be disgusting but it was a revelation! 


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