Stacked brownies on a plate

Red wine brownies may just be the ultimate winter treat

Combine two of your favourite things...

Red wine brownies may just be the ultimate winter treat

A glass of full-bodied red wine on a winter's evening is a lovely thing. A sticky chocolate brownie still hot from the oven is a wonderful thing. 

Which does rather beg the question, why haven't we ever tried trying to combine the two? Well, finally, someone decided to give it a go and they may just have created the ultimate winter dessert.

Inspired by the viral success of the red wine hot chocolate recipes, food blogger Lillie of Butter Me Up Brooklyn decided to see what happened when a little leftover red wine was poured into a brownie mix - and found it worked rather well. 

So, next time you find yourself with a little red wine left over, Lillie suggests you just 'shake that bottle for every last drop and bake your little bit of wine into a pan of deep, rich, and fudgy chocolate brownies.'

Red wine brownies

We certainly don't need to be asked twice so we decided to create our own indulgent recipe which is exactly how you'd create your brownie mixture normally, but with a glug of tasty red wine. 

To make this wonderful creation, you'll need to melt chocolate and butter in a heatproof mixing bowl over a pan of boiling water, then mix in the wine, followed by the sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla and coffee.

Stir until evenly combined, then pour into a greaseproof tin and cook for 30-40mins until a light crust has formed. We've then dusted our brownies with a little-added icing sugar. 

So if you're in need of a little winter warmth of an evening, why not give these grown-up boozy brownies a try? 

They're ready in 50 minutes - just try not to eat the whole lot in one go. 

Stock up on all your baking ingredients - and red wine - at or at your local Asda store