Roast chicken

Get three amazing meals from one roast chicken

Make your Sunday - or weeknight – roast stretch further with our genius ideas for creating delicious dishes with the leftovers

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Get three amazing meals from one roast chicken

Right now, many people are feeling the pinch and looking at ways to make their food shop go that bit further.

What could be better for this than a whole roast chicken? Versatile, lean and a family favourite, not only do you get a fresh, tasty roast on the first day, the possibilities for using the leftovers are almost endless – pasta bakes, risottos, pies and curries are just a few easy, delicious examples.

In fact, most leftover meats can be used in all sorts of amazing dishes.

So cook our classic roast chicken, then check out our other recipes for leftovers online – and get inventive!

Roast chicken

You can't beat a roast chicken can you? Especially if there's leftovers including spuds and vegetables. 

Chicken and leek pie

Chicken pie is so simple, especially if you use ready-made pastry. With just a few more ingredients, you can rustle up a comforting family meal in no time. It's pretty adaptable too - add frozen veg or canned beans to bulk it out then serve with creamy mash - perfect!

Tomato, chicken and sweetcorn soup

Make sure you don't bin the chicken carcass once you've picked off the meat. Slow and low simmering of the bones will give a flavourful stock - the basis of a delicious soup. Add shredded leftover chicken and loads of veg for a hearty supper

Feeling inspired? Make sure you stock up on all your ingredients at your local Asda store or online