Get three amazing meals from one roast chicken

Leftover roast chicken can be stretched to make multiple tasty meals – here's how

Get three amazing meals from one roast chicken

If you're feeling the pinch and want your meals to go that bit further, why not start with the humble chicken? Next time you have a Sunday roast, just put some of the meat aside for the week ahead (and don't forget to save those bones to make stock!).

There are so many ways of using up those lovely leftovers – aside from a (delicious) chicken sandwich, you could create a tasty pasta bake, soup, risotto, pie or curry. 

We've listed a few of our favourite, filling, family-friendly recipes below, so you can save money AND eat well...

Start with... A Roast chicken

You can't beat a good roast chicken, can you? Keep it simple or go Southern-inspired with a spot of Cajun seasoning. Delicious served with roast veggies, mashed potato and corn, or crunchy slaw.

Now that you've enjoyed your beautifully-roasted chicken, here's what to do with any leftover meat, as well as the bones themselves...

1. Chicken risotto

If you're worrying about how to transform a chicken carcass and a small amount of meat into a family meal, look to that Italian staple: risotto. Once you've added your chicken stock, lots of mushrooms, fresh herbs and a splash of white wine, you'll be left with one tasty dish. This recipe comes courtesy of The Body Coach, aka Joe Wicks.

2. Chicken and leek pie

Chicken pie is so simple, especially if you use ready-made pastry. With just a few more ingredients, you can rustle up a comforting family meal in no time. It's pretty adaptable too - add frozen veg to bulk it out, then serve with creamy mash or greens – perfect!

3. chicken and rice soup

Chicken soup is a brilliant thing to make with any leftovers – the carcass itself will make a tasty and nourishing stock. Shredded chicken, rice and lots of veg make for a hearty lunch or supper.

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