Turkey pie

A pie for every day of British Pie Week

Because how else would you spend the week...

A pie for every day of British Pie Week

When it comes to pies, the options and combinations are endless. Some are speedy midweek winners, while others need a little more TLC and are best saved for lazy weekends.

With British Pie Week in full swing, there's no better time for a slice or three. That's why we've rounded up a recipe for every single day of the week. We even threw in a sweet treat for good measure, too.  

Whether you decide to go all in and have a pie a day (and really who could blame you?) or if you want to spoil the family, we've got a pie for you:

Monday: Cheese and potato

Go meat-free this Monday with a cheese and potato pie. This one is made with a herby shortcrust topping that brings extra flavour to the dish and the layers of cheese and potato make this a warm and gooey weekday winner.

Tuesday: Cottage Pie

Not all pies need pastry, and this cottage pie has an impressive root vegetable rosti topping instead of the more classic mashed potato topping. Hidden underneath is tender beef mince seasoned with rosemary and garlic. Serve with spring greens for a dinner that contains two of your five-a-day.


Wednesday: Sausage Pie

If you have leftover meats in your fridge, this pie is for you. It's delicious with sausages but equally as yummy with any other meat you have to hand. Topped with a ready-rolled puff pastry, it's a quick win if you're low on time too. 


Thursday: Easy Chicken Pie

Smooth mash and creamy chicken combine in this quick and easy weekday dinner. Made from jars and packets, it's just the recipe if you're looking for a simple pie. Serve this family favourite with broccoli and you're good to dive in!



Friday: FIsh and mushy pea pie

What better way to enjoy fish Friday than with this innovative take on a comfort food classic. With a luscious layer of mushy peas, this fish pie is a great way to impress the family – and with an eye-catching scale-like crust it is a real smile-raiser. 

Saturday: Apple Pie

It wouldn't be right to not include at least one sweet pie on this list, and apple pie is as classic as they come. This one has a fruity twist thanks to the addition of fresh blueberries. The star cutouts allow the steam to escape from the pie while cooking and give it a showstopper feel when it comes to dishing up.

Sunday: Steak and stilton

A Sunday lunch requires a hearty pie and they don't get much heartier than this steak and stilton treat. With a deep rich flavour, it's a pub-food favourite that is simple to recreate at home. It's a little on the time-consuming side, but you know what they say – all yummy things come to those who wait (or at least that's our motto)!