Ditch the boring sandwiches and try our grown-up lunchbox ideas instead

Liven up your day with these awesome sandwiches and lunchtime doesn't have to be dull

Ditch the boring sandwiches and try our grown-up lunchbox ideas instead

Taking lunch to work every day can quickly become boring. But there’s no reason for it to be a chore, as long as you follow our rules for making the ultimate adult lunch boxes. With our help you’ll never have that ‘oh no, not this again’ feeling when you take out your sandwich – and with Asda's 6 Warbuton thins for £1 promotion, you’ve got the perfect base to start creating delicious lunches every day! 

By choosing main ingredients that can be mixed and matched in a number of different ways, you will have interesting lunches sorted for a number of days

Stick to the rule of three

If you’re stuck for ideas or short on cash, the rule of three is the perfect place to start:

  1. Choose a main filling: think hearty proteins such as meat, fish, cheese or hummus.
  2. Follow with a supporting act: this is where veggies usually come in.
  3. Add a hint of flavour: whether you like dressings, sauces or even pungent herbs or spices, make sure they get their chance to shine.

Think versatility

Planning is key. By choosing main ingredients that can be mixed and matched in a number of different ways, you will have interesting lunches sorted for the week – hassle free! Eggs are a great example: apart from taking only a few minutes to prepare, they are a great source of protein that keep you fuller for longer, while having the added bonus of being highly versatile lunch fillers. Whether they are hard-boiled as part of a salad, mixed with mayo and cress in a sandwich, or scrambled with salmon atop a bed of leaves and bread, you can't go wrong. Why not try these Egg mayo sandwiches for starters?

Mix your own dressings

Choose a signature flavour that you love and build your sandwich around that. For example, if you love citrus flavours, creating a makeshift sauce by combining a few squirts of lemon juice with mayonnaise or olive oil will give you a quick (and cheap) homemade dressing. This can easily be adapted: try pesto with mayonnaise, or make your own satay sauce by combining 2/3 peanut butter spread with 1/3 water, a dash of lemon juice and soy sauce. The list is endless.

Lastly, experiment with fillings…

The only way you’ll discover something you love is by trying different combinations out. Try some of our ideas below to get you started!


Cook more than you need for dinner tongiht and you're effectively making tomorrow's lunch at the same time. Sunday's roast beef can become a delicious sandwich (just add horseradish or mustard, such as this Mustard steak sandwich recipe), or roasted veggies can easily be turned into a vegetarian sandwich filling when paired with hummus. Don’t stop there – chicken curry from the night before can be given a new lease of life with fresh and tangy mangos or nectarines, while meatballs and even chilli con carne can create Sloppy Joe sandwiches that will be the envy of your colleagues.

The full breakfast

Take inspiration from brunch and have breakfast for your lunch by pairing Warburton Plain Bagel Thins with early morning staples such as marmite and jam or, for the more adventurous, bacon and egg sandwiches with caramelized onions and spinach should hit the spot. Try our version of the best ever bacon sandwich to start.

The toasted delight

If you are lucky enough to have a sandwich toaster in the office, you can create this café staple with minimal effort – on a blustery day, a gooey ham and emmental cheese with mustard and onions will never fail to get your mouth watering. Or for something a bit more adventurous, why not pair bacon with brie, carmelised onions and these Warburtons Newburn Bakehouse Sliced White Sandwich Thins?

Posh nosh

Think open sandwich, a bed of leaves and your favourite gourmet filling, such as prawns, pulled pork, or prosciutto and plums, finished with a drizzling of dressing such as sweet chilli or bbq sauce, just like our American-style pulled pork sandwich recipe. Just remember to accompany it with a sweet and colourful side salad and you’ll be the envy of the entire office.

For the non-sandwich lover

Rather than filling your bread with a delicious filling, instead use it as an accompaniment to other mains, such as salads and soups. Why not take inspiration from breakfast again and have these Warburtons 6 Cinnamon & Raisin Bagel Thins toasted with butter, alongside a nice cup of tea as a lunchtime treat?

Time to sandwich up! Be sure to check out our £1 deals on Warburton’s Thins online and in stores now, and don’t forget to let us know your favourite sandwich combos below!