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How to recreate an authentic American BBQ at home

Barbecue experts, Red's True BBQ, share their tips for achieving the ultimate American-experience

How to recreate an authentic American BBQ at home

Planning a BBQ this weekend but don't know where to start? If anyone knows how to recreate the authentic American BBQ experience at home it's Red's True BBQ. From their delicious rubs and sauces (all available at Asda) to their drool-worthy restaurants dotted around the country, the team at Red's are so dedicated to bringing the best of BBQ to the UK that they actually go on annual pilgrimages across America (from the Carolinas in the North to Texas in the South) picking up the best of the USA's hints, tips and recipes as they go.

You know they know their stuff, and that's why Red’s are here to help us achieve that all-American BBQ flavour at home. 

Ready, set, BBQ!

It's all about those buns

Making burgers? Bun choice might be personal, but avoid anything with an overly chewy crumb or tough crust. Instead, try unsweetened brioche buns or preztel rolls to compliment that melt-in-your-mouth flavour. Mmm…

Create a 'smokey' environment

Don’t have the time to smoke your food low and slow, but want to add some smokey flavour to your barbecue food anyway? Get some hard wood chunks such as English Oak, Apple, Cherry, Ash or Hickory and soak them in water. Make sure you have a BBQ with a lid and when you cook your meat, throw a handful of the chunks onto the hot coals. Then just close the lid to create your very own smokey environment. Don't try to cook this way using gas! Buy Asda's Big American Portable Smoker Grill instead.

Leave sauce till later

Be careful of slathering your meat in too much sauce too early. Instead, remember to only mop your meat with BBQ sauce at the end of the cooking process, otherwise the sugars in the sauce will burn and ruin your hard work! 

Scruff it up!

Want to add some more flavour to your meat? Try scruffing! Lightly slash your cut of meat in a cross hash to increase the surface area before massaging in your BBQ rub for extra flavour. Tasty.

Up the ante with 'Dirty Grilling'

Still not satisfied? Go the whole hog and try 'dirty grilling' to cook your steaks, adding real BBQ flavour. Prepare super hot coals with an even layer of grey ash on top. Next, baste your meat with melted butter and seasoning or rub and press fresh rosemary and thyme into one side of the meat. Completely blow away the ash and place your steak directly onto the coals themselves. Liberally apply more melted butter baste during cooking and flip over and repeat. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the temperature using a temperature probe and remove the meat when the internal template reaches in excess of 45 degrees celsius. 

Want to host the perfect American BBQ this summer? Look no further than Asda's new Big American Barrel Grill & Smoker, guaranteed to help you achieve that amazing American taste at home. Let us and Red's True BBQ know what you've been cooking up by using hashtags #goodliving and #LetThereBeMeat on social media.